Respawn confirms more Apex Legends LTMs coming to test new features

Loba running with red Hemlok skin in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that Apex Legends players can expect to see a few more LTMs coming in the near future, including ones that will test new ideas and mechanics. 

When Apex Legends first launched back in February of 2019, it came with just the main battle royale mode, but it has expanded a whole lot in the last three years.

Arenas has been added as a permanent aside to the battle royale mode, and there has been a slew of LTMs – limited-time modes – over the last few seasons, with the likes of Control and Second Chance being pretty different from the main game.

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These LTMs have also been used by Respawn as a way to test new features that may become permanent additions either in the battle royale itself or an off-shoot like Arenas. That’ll be continuing in the future.

apex control zonesRespawn Entertainment
Control is a whole new way of playing Apex Legends.

Apex Legends game director Steve Ferreira, and design director, Evan Nikolich spoke to The Loadout about the future plans for the battle royale and where they could take it over the next few years.

On the topic of new LTMs and game modes, Nikolich noted that Respawn is all about “experimenting and trying new things” to bring “variety” to the fan base as well as testing potential new features.

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“LTMs also allow us to give players new ways to practice their skills and allow us to test out new mechanics for the core BR experience,” Nikolich noted. “For example, Evo Shields came from a previous LTM, and we loved the mechanic so much we brought it into the main BR experience. You can expect to see us continue playing with LTMs in Apex.”

Apex Legends Evo ShieldsRespawn Entertainment
Respawn is constantly tweaking Apex Legends based on player feedback, like in the case of making Evo Shields a permanent feature.

On top of that, Ferreria added that the developers will keep on innovating, but they want to keep the feel of the game the same.

So, while we might get some tweaks to the game in the near future, don’t expect anything too over the top.

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