Apex Legends devs respond to requests for permanent LTMs like Gun Run and Control

Apex Legends Gun Run ModeRespawn

Respawn Entertainment have refused to rule out making Apex Legends’ Limited Time Modes (LTMs) permanent, but have admitted their current focus remains on standard battle royale modes. 

Apex Legends Season 15 brings with it the usual plethora of new content. Catalyst, the game’s first openly trans character, introduces the mysterious Ferro Fluid into the Apex Games while Cleo, a moon of Seer’s home planet Boreas, provides the interstellar backdrop for all the carnage to unfold.  

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Amongst all the excitement, the game’s developers over at Respawn have also been delving into what fans can expect moving forwards. 

They’ve revealed that Winter Express is likely to return and that low-gravity gameplay was ultimately left on the cutting room floor but, in the build-up to Season 15’s launch, also revealed the potential for LTMs to become permanent down the line. 

Respawn refuse to rule out Apex Legends’ LTMs becoming permanent

When asked whether Limited Time Modes could be added to Apex Legends as a precursor to becoming permanent additions, Design Director Evan Nikolich said: “Never say never.” 

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He did, though, admit that Respawn are concentrating on the battle royale modes: “Our focus is BR.” 

Gun Run LTM Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The Gun Run LTM has proved especially popular with players.

We’ve seen tons of LTMs come and go from Apex Legends, including Déjà Loot, Gun Run, Locked and Loaded and even a highly requested Solos mode. 

Very few stay for good, however. We’ve seen some additions like Arenas hang around, but they tend to be the exception that proves the rule. Players certainly want the best to become permanent, with fans recently demanding that Gun Run is made permanent.

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It is certainly a tricky situation to balance, with any free-to-play title having to be selective with its resources but ensure players have ample choice in terms of game modes.

Unfortunately for players who want to see more diversity in Apex’s playlists, it doesn’t sound like the devs will be keeping LTMs around any time soon.

In their own words though: never say never.