One Piece theory: The Joy Boy Roger wanted to meet is Luffy

An image of Roger in Laughtale of One PieceCrunchyroll

In One Piece, Joy Boy is believed to be the most important historical figure of the Void Century. Upon reaching Laughtale, Roger expressed his desire to meet a certain Joy Boy, but he may be talking about Luffy instead.

One Piece follows the story of Monkey D. Luffy, who dreams of becoming the Pirate King. Started as a simple adventure journey of a certain pirate, but the series kept getting more complex as the mysteries slowly began to unveil.

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In the “Wano Country Saga,” fans learn that Luffy has the power of the world’s strongest devil fruit and is the Joy Boy of the new era. Fans have always believed Joy Boy to be a name, but it actually turned out to be a title.

After reaching Laughtale and finding One Piece, Gol D. Roger expressed his desire to live in the same era as Joy Boy. However, there’s no certainty as to which Joy Boy he was talking about.

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How did Luffy become Joy Boy in One Piece?

An image of Zunesha claiming Luffy to be Joy Boy in One PieceViz Media

During his fight with Kaido, Luffy awakened his devil fruit powers and transformed into the Sun God Nika. He became strong enough to overpower the King of the Beasts and claim the title of Yonko from him.

However, seconds before Luffy transformed, Zunesha told Momonosuke about hearing the “Drums of Liberation.” It said that Joy Boy had returned, signifying the birth of a new Warrior of Liberation.

Why does Roger wanting to live in the same era as Luffy makes sense in One Piece?

An image of Straw Hat Luffy and Pirate King sharing the same dream in One PieceCrunchyroll

Roger and his crew have always known about a certain event that will take place 20 years in the future. He was also fascinated with the aspect of witnessing the said event that would change the entire world. 

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Furthermore, Toki is the only time-traveler in One Piece who came from the Void Century to witness that event herself. For some reason, the people from her era knew about the change. The truth about the world must contain the future events that intrigue his desire to meet Joy Boy. 

Among the many similarities between them, the one that truly connects Roger and Luffy is that they share the same dream. Though the dream hasn’t been revealed yet, it’s certain that Roger never fulfilled it, but Luffy will.

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Therefore, when Roger said that he wanted to live in the same era as Joy Boy, he most likely meant that he wanted to meet Luffy. However, because Roger didn’t know Luffy’s name, who wasn’t born at the time, he referred to his successor as Joy Boy.

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