Demon Slayer will release multiple movies instead of Season 5, leaker claims

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Demon Slayer Season 5 was expected to cover the final arc, but Ufotable might release multiple movies instead.

Demon Slayer recently concluded its third season featuring the “Swordsmith Village arc.” Since Season 4 is confirmed to cover the “Hashira Training arc,” the final arc still has a long way to go before getting an anime adaptation. 

Season 4 doesn’t have a release window yet, but it’s confirmed to feature scenes from the manga and the light novel. The Hashira Training arc is the final arc before the deadly battle against Muzan and the Upper Moons. 

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As for Season 5, it is expected to cover the final battle. However, according to a leaker, Ufotable may not release weekly episodes and instead opt for multiple movies of Demon Slayer.

The final arc of Demon Slayer will likely be covered in multiple movies

The Final Battle arc is divided into “The Infinity Castle and Sunrise Countdown arc.” As such, it spans 69 chapters, making it the longest arc in the series. According to the usual pacing of the series, this many chapters should be covered within 22-24 episodes.

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The Mugen Train movie was a global success, even to the point of breaking the 20-year-old box office record of Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. Judging by the movie’s massive success and the franchise as a whole, it won’t be surprising if the studio decides to release several movies instead of Season 5. 

However, the 13 chapters of the Mugen Train arc were adapted into one movie. Therefore, there should be at least three Demon Slayer movies for the Infinity Castle arc (47 chapters) and two movies for the Sunrise Countdown arc (22 chapters). 

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The idea of five consecutive canon movies seems unique, as no other Shonen anime has ever done this. That said, the news comes from a credible Twitter user. Therefore, the chances of this being a rumor are next to none.

What will happen in the final arc? 

Demon slayer final arc posterViz

No major spoilers, but the final arc will feature the entire Demon Slayer Corps facing off against Muzan and Upper Moons. The fight will begin as soon as the Hashira Training arc ends. In the first part, the Demon Slayers infiltrate the Infinity Castle to defeat Muzan and the one controlling the castle. 

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On the other hand, Shinobu finds a way to defeat Upper Rank 2, but there’s a price to pay. The second part will feature the entire Corps going against Muzan as they desperately struggle until sunrise. Tanjiro finds the key to defeating Muzan, but ending a battle that has been going on for a thousand years isn’t easy. 

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