One Piece: How long will it take Gear 5 Luffy to defeat Kaido?

Tulisha srivastava
A still from Gear 5 Luffy teaser One Piece Episode 1071

One Piece’s recent episode teases Luffy’s devil fruit awakening. Now that Luffy will finally use his Gear 5, how long will it take for him to defeat Kaido?

The most highly anticipated moment in One Piece is just a few days away. The recent episode already glimpses at Luffy’s devil fruit awakening. Fans will learn the truth behind the mysterious power of Gomu Gomu no Mi, including what makes it truly dangerous.

So far, the fight between Luffy and Kaido always ends up with the young pirate’s loss. This time, one of the CP0 agents cheats his way into the battle and defeats Luffy. Even though it’s unfair, it still ends up in Kaido’s victory.

The attack is so serious that Luffy is declared dead until Zunesha hears the Drums of Liberation for the first time in over 800 years. The ancient elephant announces Joy Boy’s return as Luffy takes his Gear 5 form. This will completely change the course of the battle.

The fight between Gear 5 Luffy and Kaido will last six chapters

An image featuring Gear 5 Luffy vs Kaido in One Piece

The final showdown between Luffy and Kaido will begin in chapter 1044, where Gear 5 will make its debut. The chapter will be covered in One Piece Episode 1071. In the manga, the fight concludes in chapter 1049. Therefore, according to the usual pacing of the anime, the fight should end in Episode 1076.

Considering the One Piece fights, it’s incredibly short, but that makes the fight more intense and thrilling. When Luffy takes his Gear 5 form, the King of the Beasts, Kaido is barely able to keep up. Luffy manages to overpower Kaido in the first stretch. 

However, Luffy quickly drains his stamina and loses the edge for a short while. He transforms back by forcing his heart to beat in the rhythm of the Drums of Liberation. Luffy lands the final blow on Kaido before passing out.

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