One Piece chapter 1087 leaked 4 days ahead of schedule

Tulisha srivastava
The cover image of One Piece chapter 1086

After concluding the Reverie flashback, Eiichiro Oda takes a month-long break because of his eye surgery. Although One Piece chapter 1087 is officially scheduled to release, it has been leaked four days ahead of schedule.

One Piece’s recent chapter concludes the Reverie flashback by answering several questions regarding the Void Century. Fans also learn the names of Gorosei. However, the manga takes a long break on account of the creator’s eye surgery. 

After the Reverie flashback, fans are more anxious than ever to find out about the state of the world. Some wish to see Luffy and his crew again, while others hope for updates regarding Trafalgar Law and Koby. 

Amid all this, the internet is circulating with the leaked scans, translations, and One Piece chapter 1087 summary. For those who are unaware, the upcoming chapter is scheduled to release on 18th July 2023. Here are the major spoilers for the chapter.

One Piece chapter 1087 will feature the events in Hachinosu

An image of Garp from One Piece

It’s about time that the series reveals something about Garp and the SWORD members. One Piece hypes up fans after hinting at the true extent of Garp’s power, only to turn the story toward the Reverie flashback. The chapter is titled “Battleship Bags.”

Furthermore, readers are in for a shock when Monkey D. Garp suffers severe injuries after taking the hit on Koby’s behalf. The chapter ends with Garp bleeding on the ground and telling Koby that justice will prevail. Garp is one of the fan-favorite characters, and it’s surely surprising to see him in such a state, especially after knowing what he’s capable of.

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