One Piece chapter 1083 answers several major questions of the Final Saga

Tulisha srivastava
An image of Sabo from One Piece

The “Final Saga” has been the most intense arc of One Piece so far. While the series still has dozens of unresolved mysteries, chapter 1083 of One Piece answers many questions about the Final Saga.

One Piece’s Final Saga has marked the beginning of an event that will impact the world somehow. Whether it will bring about a good change is something for fans to find out later.

The Revolutionary Army, who were assumed to be biding their time, have come forward and are ready to accomplish their goal. Sabo’s return is something fans have been expecting for a while, and now he is ready to share what truly transpired in the holy land of Mariejois.

While it is true that fans always had faith that Sabo wasn’t the one to assassinate King Nefertari Cobra, there are many unforeseen circumstances surrounding the entire ordeal. Here are the many revelations featured in chapter 1083 of One Piece.

Sabo went to Reverie to accomplish three goals

Sabo’s appearance in the Reverie only hinted that he went there to save his comrade Kuma. As fans know, Sabo has been in the army since childhood, and Bartholomew Kuma personally trained him. Not to mention that the Revolutionary Army seem to value the lives of their members.

Therefore, it makes sense for Sabo and his team to want to rescue Kuma, who had been stripped away of his humanity and turned into a slave. However, chapter 1083 of One Piece reveals more about the Revolutionary Army’s covert mission.

There were three major goals — first was to declare an official war, second to rescue Kuma along with other slaves, and third to destroy the food reserves of the holy land. The army destroyed the Celestial Dragon’s symbol and used the chaos to free several slaves as well as destroy the food reserves. 

An image of God's Knights from One Piece chapter 1083

Shanks’ true goal and identity are one of the central mysteries in the series. As a Yonko, he should be the biggest threat to the World Government, and yet Gorosei agreed to talk with him. Moreover, since the Gorosei never leaves the holy land, Shanks was granted access there. This is impossible for even most of the Marines. 

There have been many speculations about Shanks since then, but Oda has never given a clue until Luffy’s devil fruit was awakened. The mythical Zoan fruit, which was declared the world’s “most ridiculous power,” was stolen from the World Government. 

A person who had no access to their internal structure wouldn’t have been able to accomplish such a feat — and yet Shanks pulled it off. In chapter 1083 of One Piece, while Sabo, Dragon, and Ivankov are discussing the state of things, Dragon mentions God’s Knights. 

They are supposed to be a major threat to the Revolutionary Army. However, one thing that strikes me as odd is that while only the silhouette is featured. The person in the middle bears a striking resemblance to Shanks. Whether on purpose or not, no matter how one looks at it, the person has a similar cloak and sword as Shanks. 

While fans are focusing on the popular “Shanks’ twin” theory, nothing can be certain at this point. Therefore, it could be one of those famous foreshadowing moments for which One Piece is popular. However, considering how ridiculously powerful Shanks is, it wouldn’t bode well for the heroes if he was an enemy, especially when Sabo is on the top of the God’s Knights’ hit list.

The Revolutionary Army has been igniting the “Flames of Rebellion.”

An image of the high-ranking members of the Revolutionary Army in One Piece

The Revolutionary Army was introduced in the initial chapters of the series. However, they are rarely mentioned in the series. One Piece barely mentions their goals and accomplishments over the years, but chapter 1083 changes it all.

Dragon and his team have been igniting the “Flames of Rebellion” all across the world. This came as a surprise since the series hasn’t clearly mentioned their accomplishments so far. They want to overthrow the World Government, which is impossible without launching a war. 

Hence, to wage war, they need allies and soldiers, which isn’t too difficult considering the government’s reputation. Sure, those who enjoy comfortable lives seem to be on the government’s side. But, those who grow up during war perceive the world differently.

Slave trading and corruption have ruined countless lives, filling the victims with hatred. Chapter 1083 of One Piece reveals that the Revolutionary Army has successfully triggered an uprising in twelve nations. Among them, eight were on their side.

These nations have declared their intent to no longer pay the celestial tribute or comply with the government exploiting their resources. The army is using every means possible to block the holy land from receiving any resources. They aim to make them suffer from hunger and poverty — as the government did with countless people.

One Piece Chapter 1083 revealed why the Lulusia Kingdom was destroyed

An image of Imu standing near a giant straw hat and holding Luffy's bounty poster

Among the eight nations who rebelled against the World Government, one was Lulusia. When the kingdom was first destroyed, fans believed that the mysterious ruler Imu used their powers to annihilate Sabo, who was taking refuge on the island. However, chapter 1082 revealed that Sabo wasn’t even on the island.

Therefore, the small kingdom was destroyed just for refusing to comply with the World Government’s wishes. It isn’t too surprising considering their past atrocities. They won’t hesitate to strike down even innocent children if it stops any kind of rebellion.

The World Government has absolute control over the media. Therefore, information is restricted. They bend the truth to their advantage and make the victims of Ohara and Flevance the world’s enemies. 

One Piece Chapter 1083 proved the theory the Gorosei was involved in the King Cobra’s death 

An image of King Cobra and Princess Vivi from One Piece

The Nefertari family has a long-standing history of being Arabasta’s rulers. Even when the royal families of the allied nations ascended to Mariejois 800 years ago, the Nefertari family was the only one who refused the offer because of the love they felt for their people.

As such, they remained the rulers of the kingdom to this day. However, their position in the World Government is somewhat controversial. Some believe that they deserve the same respect as the Celestial Dragon. Whereas, others scorn their desire to be associated with lowly humans. 

This is especially the case with Gorosei, who find it difficult to hide their resentment toward the Nefertari family. Therefore, ever since King Cobra’s death, fans have been coming up with several theories. The most popular ones suggest his death may have something to do with the Five Elders. 

Chapter 1083 of One Piece proves the former theory to be true since the last people Cobra met were the Gorosei. Not to mention that they wouldn’t even allow the king’s attendants to enter their chambers. 

There’s no telling what the Gorosei could possibly want to discuss with the sickly king in private. However, the circumstances prove that they are involved in Cobra’s death. They likely want to decrease the army’s credibility by blaming Sabo for the murder of a beloved king.

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