One Piece chapter 1094 spoilers shed light on Kuma’s past

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An image of Kuma from One Piece chapter 1096 spoilers

One Piece chapter 1094 spoilers drop a major about Kuma’s transition to Pacifista. Here’s everything we know about it.

One Piece Final Saga has been one shock after another. Ever since the Egghead Island arc began, Eiichiro Oda has been unraveling a lot of the major mysteries. The Reverie Flashback was shocking enough, but things just don’t end there.

One Piece chapter 1094 spoilers reveal a major secret about Kuma’s mysterious past. Bartholomew Kuma is another one of those character shrouded in mystery. He is a former tyrant, Warlord, and Revolutionary, and he also belongs to a special race.

Around two years ago, Kuma was transformed into a Pacifista, losing all his memories and consciousness as a result. He is now nothing more than a machine with no will of his own. One Piece chapter 1094 spoilers finally answer a major question about Kuma’s transition to Pacifista.

One Piece chapter 1094 spoilers reveal the person who ordered Kuma’s transition

An image of Kuma from One Piece

There’s no doubt Kuma’s transition to Pacifista is connected to a lot of mysteries in One Piece. As a high-ranking member of the Revolutionary Army, he infiltrated the ranks of the World Government by becoming a Warlord. 

The series revealed that Kuma voluntarily gave up his humanity and became a robot. However, those who knew him would never believe in something like that. This is especially the case for his daughter Jewelry Bonney, a member of the Worst Generation.

Bonney has been jumping into dangerous situations just to save Kuma. She even infiltrated Mary Geoise. Ultimately, she crossed paths with the Straw Hat Pirates and entered Egghead Island with them to meet Vegapunk.

One Piece chapter 1092 had already hinted that something fishy was going on between Kuma and the Marines. As the former Warlord attacks Mary Geoise despite not having any consciousness, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki attempts to stop him.

Sakazuki then remembers his brief confrontation with Bonney in chapter 595. He is in deep thought after seeing Kuma struggling so much. One Piece chapter 1094 spoilers confirm Jaygarcia Saturn’s arrival in Egghead. 

Upon seeing him, Bonney remembers a conversation from the past where “someone” ordered Vegapunk to erase Kuma’s consciousness. She then charges straight at the elder and stabs him. Although the spoilers don’t explicitly reveal much about it, judging by Bonney’s reaction, the one who ordered Vegapunk is undoubtedly none other than Saturn.

One Piece chapter 1094 will officially release on October 8. Click here to check out more spoilers.

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