One Piece becomes the first anime to crash Crunchyroll two weeks in a row

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One Piece makes history as it becomes the first anime to crash Crunchyroll two weeks in a row ever since the Gear 5 episodes started coming out.

One Piece’s highly-anticipated Gear 5 debuted on 6 August as it literally broke the internet. The number of phenomenal tweets as well as the crash of all streaming websites, made headlines, proving just how much fans appreciate this transformation.

While Episode 1071 features the transformation, Episode 1072 is the real deal as fans witness the fight between Luffy and Kaido. Just like the Gear 5 debut episode, fans can’t help but be awestruck by the incredible animation featuring some of the best moments in anime history.

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Considering the popularity of the Gear 5 debut episode, the hype should’ve lessened with the upcoming episodes. Instead, One Piece became the first anime to crash Crunchyroll servers two weeks in a row. 

One Piece makes history by crashing Crunchyroll servers two weeks in a row

One Piece Gear 5 luffyCrunchyroll

It’s always rare for any anime to crash the leading anime streaming website with excess traffic. Very few anime have been able to accomplish that as a result of their popularity. Of course, One Piece is one of them. Just last year, Episode 1000 was overly hyped as it remastered the fan-favorite opening song “We Are” in the Wano theme. 

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This year, however, the series steps up its game and covers the Gear 5 episodes. Luffy’s unexpected storm in the manga took the internet by storm in March 2022. Just as his fight with Kaido is going downhill, Oda gives the protagonist the powers of Sun God Nika. Therefore, the global popularity of Gear 5 debut is understandable as fans have been awaiting it for almost one and a half years. 

No anime has ever crashed Crunchyroll servers two weeks in a row except for One Piece. As the second Gear 5 episode was released, fans flocked to the website to watch it. However, they were shocked to find that the platform was down once again. Judging by the manga’s pacing, it’s safe to say that the series will have four more Gear 5 episodes before the fight finally concludes. 

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As such, with the series’ unbelievable popularity, there’s no telling how many records One Piece will break. Being one of the Shonen classics, One Piece has global fans of all age groups, and they cannot wait for their favorite protagonist to finally defeat his strongest opponent yet.

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