Boruto chapter 81 spoilers tease first look at adult Kawaki

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The Boruto manga is debuting digitally with Part 2, titled Two Blue Vortex, on August 20, 2023, and here, we present to you the early spoilers released by the reputed leakers on social media.

Boruto has been trending on Twitter since last week – all because it’s coming back with a new chapter after a four-month break.

Besides that, a new era will be introduced in the manga, and that’s why fans can’t hold on to their curiosity.

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The manga’s first part gave us a cliffhanger climax – we see Boruto, along with Sasuke fleeing from Konoha. Since then, every fan has been waiting to learn what went with Boruto all these years. Hopefully, we will get our answers in the following chapters soon.

Boruto chapter 81: Two Blue Vortex spoilers show Kawaki, Sumire & Mitsuki after timeskip

Boruto chapter 81 opens up with a colored page featuring Boruto’s new design, and the first page of the chapter also sees the upgraded version of Sarada, who, of course, looks adorable as always. However, she looks unhappy, which obviously makes her fans a little worried.

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The next panel sees Shikamaru, who is wearing a Hokage cape. He is concerned for Sarada as she is continuously trying to convince him that Boruto hasn’t done anything and he is innocent. Well, she hasn’t changed a bit since four years ago when she convinced her dad to help Boruto, and now she is trying to convince the Konoha people.

Years ago, Kawaki was the one who captured Naruto and Hinata and put all the blame on Boruto by swapping identities with him. The next panel shows the devil entering the place where he has kept Boruto’s father and Hinata. They still look the same, as they have been imprisoned in a realm where time doesn’t move (it sounds like the prison realm where JJK’s Gojo was sealed).

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Sumire’s timeskip avatar will also make an appearance in the upcoming chapter. Daemon and Eida’s appearances are still the same. Sarada and Sumire ask Eida to do something so that Boruto and Kawaki can change places again. However, Eida confirms that nothing can be done and instead asks how Sumire and Sarada are not affected by her spell.

Grown-up Mitsuki still has a hatred for Boruto, so Kawaki assures him that whenever Boruto tries to enter the village, he will be killed immediately. The next panel takes us to a place where we see Himawari training with Choco. Himawari says that Boruto can’t kill anyone, and her gut feeling says that Naruto can’t be dead.

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In the next moment, we see Code, along with his minions, attacking Konoha. Even though Sarada smashes so many of them, they keep coming back. Code then appears in front of Sarada, who isn’t afraid of seeing him. Just when Code tries to force her to shout for help, Boruto arrives and ridicules him for his creepy personality.

Kawaki gets to know about Boruto’s arrival, and he immediately arrives at his location to confront him. So, it looks like the creators aren’t wasting any time and are straight away teasing another battle between Kawaki and Boruto.

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Chapter 81 of Boruto will be a lengthy one, but we assure you it will give you chills with so many intriguing angles.

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