KSI responds to claims he “dislikes” IShowSpeed

Shay Robson
IShowSpeed and KSI posing after 2023 sidemen charity match with medals

YouTuber KSI has opened up about his relationship with fellow internet star IShowSpeed after assumptions from fans that he “dislikes” the youngster.

In a YouTube video on May 18, KSI answered assumptions from fans, where one claimed the YouTuber dislikes IShowSpeed — and that he was glad to see the young streamer get RKO’d by Randy Orton while wearing a Prime suit at WrestleMania 40.

KSI admitted he loved seeing Speed get rocked by the WWE superstar. “That was phenomenal. I loved it. Him getting smashed on the announcement table. Him getting kicked, the way he got kicked and dashed, phenomenal,” he said.

However, the YouTuber put speculation to rest, clarifying that he doesn’t hate the 19-year-old. “Me and Speed have a funny relationship. Like, I don’t hate him, but I don’t love him.”

KSI added: “He’s like my younger brother that I want to f**king slap.”

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It’s fair to say Speed has caused KSI quite a few headaches in the past by leaking the YouTuber’s phone number on several occasions, sometimes even on purpose. However, that hasn’t stopped the two from working together.

Speed has featured in a Sidemen Sunday, and their annual charity football match for the last two years. He’s also even gone blow-for-blow with KSI, where he walked out on top of the bout after the British YouTube star chose to tap out and give him the win.

While it wasn’t a professionally sanctioned fight, the two put on their gloves for a charity spar, raising money for the Anthony Walker Foundation.

In April, Speed was also welcomed into the Prime Squad by Logan Paul and KSI, becoming a sponsored creator. Prime has already signed several major athletes such as NFL star Patrick Mahomes, and Manchester City striker Erling Haaland, as well as several sports teams including FC Barcelona.