IShowSpeed apologetic after leaking KSI’s phone number again

iShowSpeed wearing Portugal hoodieiShowSpeed

YouTube star IShowSpeed has leaked KSI’s phone number on stream, and it’s not the first time he’s done it.

IShowSpeed has become one of the top YouTube streamers over the last few years, so it makes sense that he’s connected with other stars from the platform.

One of the stars he’s become friends with recently is KSI, whose phone number was leaked by Speed in July 2022.

Now, it’s happened yet again, — this time after KSI called Speed while he was broadcasting his phone screen during a YouTube stream.

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IShowSpeed leaks KSI’s number for the second time

Speed instantly became apologetic during the May 11 broadcast after realizing KSI’s number was visible on stream when he called him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I swear to god. I’m sorry. F*ckin hell,” he said.

KSI asked: “What did you do?”

Seconds later, KSI hung up the phone after he realized what had just happened.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer took to his Twitter page to share his frustrations in a couple of posts.

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“OMG SPEED,” he said in one before ultimately landing on “FML” for the next.

Perhaps to rub salt in the wound, Speed took to the replies of KSI’s first tweet with a simple comment.

“Ratio,” he said.

It’s unknown how quickly KSI will be able to get a new number, but it’s safe to assume he’ll have to as thousands of fans attempt to contact the YouTube star.

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