KSI forfeits match to give IShowSpeed the win: results and more

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ksi vs ishowspeedYouTube: IShowSpeed

YouTube star KSI and internet icon IShowSpeed have officially faced off in the boxing ring. The two influencers went toe-to-toe on Saturday, December 15. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

One of the internet’s most prolific influencer-boxers since 2018, Olajide Olayinka Williams ‘KSI’ Olatunji has hopped back into the ring after failing to overturn the results of his fight against Tommy Fury.

Having previously faced off major players such as British rapper Swarmz and internet star FaZe Temperrr, KSI agreed to touch gloves with popular YouTube streamer Darren ‘IShowSpeed’ Watkins Jr. for a highly-anticipated charity match on December 15.

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The friendly rivals raised money for the Anthony Walker Foundation, a charity tackling racism by “providing educational opportunities, victim support services and by promoting equity and inclusion for all.”

With the event now done and dusted, here’s everything you need to know about KSI vs IShowSpeed.

IShowSpeed breaks down in tears after KSI gives him the win

IShowSpeed came in quickly for the first round but seemed to hold back when it came to making moves against KSI, instead opting to duck and weave out of the seasoned boxer’s way. Double his size, KSI was unphased by IShowSpeed’s attempted strikes, casually following him around the ring before the first round came to an end.

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With IShowSpeed catching his breath, KSI showed concern for his rival ahead of the second round, stating, “It’s all for good fun and games even if he’s struggling to breathe. I might take it easy on him.”

As the match continued, KSI encouraged his opponent to make moves before cornering him in the ring and bringing IShowSpeed to the ground. The round concluded with a dance from KSI, IShowSpeed brushing off any interview questions as he prepared to touch gloves one last time. However, the third round came to a halt when IShowSpeed struggled to breathe.

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“We can stop… Come on man,” KSI said, before trying a new technique to fire up his opponent — referencing IShowSpeed’s previous blunder when he accidentally flashed viewers on stream. These words seemingly worked their magic, as IShowSpeed jumped into action with his first full-powered attack on the professional. But his energy was short-lived and IShowSpeed spent the remaining seconds avoiding KSI before the timer went off.

Seeing that IShowSpeed was upset over the match’s outcome, KSI attempted to cheer the YouTuber up, saying, “How old are you? 18? 19? You showed big heart. It takes a big man to get in the ring with me. Many have tried, many have failed… I’m proud of you.”

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Not ready to give up, IShowSpeed tried to continue the match, claiming, “It’s not over, I said six rounds.” However, KSI instead chose to tap out and give IShowSpeed the win, resulting in the latter breaking down.

When was KSI vs IShowSpeed?

The KSI vs IShowSpeed fight was on Friday, December 15. The card kicked off at 4 AM GMT / 11 PM ET / 8 PM PT, where we finally saw KSI and IShowSpeed go blow for blow.

Their fight went down the same day Jake Paul took on professional boxer Andre August, leading many fans to believe KSI’s selected date was an intentional challenge to ‘The Problem Child.’

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Where to watch KSI vs IShowSpeed

Fans can rewatch KSI vs IShowSpeed on IShowSpeed’s official YouTube channel for free.

Fans were able to send donations toward the match — all of which will be given to the Anthony Walker Foundation.

Was KSI vs IShowSpeed a sanctioned boxing match?

No — KSI vs IShowSpeed was not an officially sanctioned boxing match. Instead, these two influencers simply sparred for charity… but that doesn’t mean that fans weren’t excited to watch these internet icons face off in the ring, regardless.

For more influencer boxing news, keep it locked to Dexerto.

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