Asmongold’s WoW community council application shut down by Blizzard

twitch streamer asmongold read his wow community council response from Blizzard out loutYouTube: Asmongold, Blizzard Entertainment

Popular Twitch star Asmongold has returned to the internet in style by sending Blizzard’s WoW Community Council a particularly scathing application – and they’ve responded. 

In the wake of the tragic loss of his mother, Twitch star Asmongold has been relatively silent. Returning to the internet briefly to post a YouTube video detailing his mother’s illness, he claimed that the situation has prompted him to be “less of an a**hole” on Twitch.

Noting that he wouldn’t be returning to full time streaming on his main channel anytime soon, the self-professed professional neckbeard has kept his promise to continue creating YouTube content.

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In a November 8 video, Asmon decided to apply for World of Warcraft’s new WoW Community Council, but it seems his particularly scathing application hasn’t exactly won over the crew at Blizzard HQ.

world of warcraft shadowlands wow archon in ardenweald having meetingBlizzard Entertainment
WoW’s new Community Council system hopes to address the game’s issues.

Asmongold’s WoW Community Council application

Describing the Council as adding “another venue for communication between players and WoW developers,” Blizzard note in their November 1 blog that “submissions are open to any player interested in taking part in the program.”

It appears, however, that Azeroth’s new chair of diplomacy isn’t particularly interested in inducting the streamer into its ranks.

“Do you want to hear my application to the WoW community thing? Because I did apply,” Asmongold notes, before proceeding it out for his audience. “Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to apply for this until I just Torghast Adamant Vaults and, out of the three pairs of golden shoulder transmogs that are supposed to drop, I got a duplicate.

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“What kind of dogsh**t a** garbage is that,” he concludes. “I’m not having fun.”

Having further outlined his issues with the game, he then goes on to check his emails to see if today was, in fact, his lucky day.

“I was just going to check on my email to see if they sent me a response,” he tells his friend, before opening his inbox. “It says ‘your support status ticket has been changed to resolved. A game master has resolved your ticket and left you the following response: no response posted.'”

Responding to his friend joking that he was “in the frontrunning,” he states “they’re probably having to escalate my application up to the executives, because it was just so good that they wanted to make sure that they were able to give me the proper invitation, and not scare me off or make me not take it seriously.”

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Will we see WoW Councillor Asmongold reign supreme over Azeroth’s Community Council? Or is he destined to be shunned like Sylvanas Windrunner? Only time will tell.