WoW Shadowlands players demand fixes to “abysmal” Torghast dungeon

WoW Shadowlands the maw with huge tower in distanceBlizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft’s rogue-like dungeon, Torghast, has always been contentious, and coming into WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5 players want it fixed. 

Looming high in the darkened skies of the dusty Maw is Torghast, Tower of the Damned, and site of World of Warcraft Shadowlands’ ambitious rogue-like dungeon.

Since release, the Jailer’s resident torture chamber has divided fans, with many calling out Blizzard for making it far too difficult to level through.

The Torghast debate has reared its ugly head yet again, however, as an October 19 article from WoWhead has finally addressed what many WoW players already knew: Torghast leveling is pretty much impossible.

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World of Warcraft inside Torghast jailBlizzard Entertainment
The Tower of the Damned has left players out in the cold.

WoW Shadowlands players demand Torghast fixes

Having spent time on the Public Test Realm (PTR,) WoWhead amended their original Torghast leveling article. “With the current values present on the PTR, Torghast leveling is a hard sell,” they state.

“The experience values for everything related to it are really not that enticing, requiring ludicrous clearing speeds to be able to match other leveling methods like doing the Campaign or other Threads of Fate quests.” Additionally, they point out that “leveling in Torghast doesn’t seem to reward any gear.”

Discussing this on the title’s dedicated subreddit, one post highlights that the “WoWhead article points out what this subreddit and testers have known for all of PTR now, Torghast leveling is abysmal and once again feedback was ignored of how to do it.”

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Listing a series of ongoing issues that “were pointed out over a month ago,” the writer notes that “the time each Torghast wing takes to complete compared to the experience it gives is not worth it.”

In the comments section, sentiments remain similar. “Their [Blizzard] entire business model seems to involve annoying players to this line between quitting and staying,” writes one fan, who concludes that “nobody actually wants to play the damn thing. It’s a thoroughly miserable experience.”

“It really bothers me how averse Blizzard is to tweaking numbers,” laments another. “We know from the few times they do it that they can implement small tweaks really easily, they just refuse to.”

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While Patch 9.1.5 looks to do away with some of the game’s most frustrating systems, it appears that many believe Blizzard is wasting valuable resources removing supposedly controversial in-game content to atone for the ongoing lawsuit, instead of trying to make the game better.

As we draw ever closer to the next chapter in the Shadowlands saga, we’ll just need to wait and see if Torghast is finally freed from its shackles.