WoW NPCs are spitting on players despite Blizzard discouraging emote

wow stormwind guard spitting on death knightsBlizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft’s /spit emote was removed in the wake of the lawsuit against Activison Blizzard, but there’s some NPCs that are apparently still breaking WoW’s rules.

As Blizzard continue to remove seemingly inappropriate references from their host of titles, World of Warcraft has seen some vast alterations to its content.

WoW’s director, Ion Hazzikostas, has said that these changes are just the beginning despite player complaints, claiming that “work is still underway” when it comes to transforming Azeroth into a “positive place.”

One change that proved particularly unpopular with fans was the change to WoW Classic’s /spit emote, especially considering players were still able to use racial slurs during the same update. It turns out, though, that targeting other adventurers using the divisive action hasn’t been completely eradicated from the game, as apparently NPCs are spitting on players.

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wow classic burning crusade illdan spit emote removedBlizzard Entertainment
The introduction of the Burning Crusade expansion saw /spit bite the dust.

WoW NPCs can still use /spit

Despite players being unable to target others with /spit, it turns out that Azeroth’s inhabitants haven’t quite got the ‘spitting on people isn’t allowed’ memo.

One unfortunate soul has noted that, when entering the Alliance headquarters at Stormwind, their Death Knight was spat on by a local guard. “So we can’t…” they protest, “but the Guards still spit on new Death Knights.”

Attached is a screenshot that reads “Stormwind City Guard spits on Zurinn-Proudmoore,” AKA this player’s unfortunate character.

As you can imagine the comments section has erupted into mockery, with many players still unimpressed by Blizzard’s attempts at censorship.

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“Upcoming: Stormwind guards release an apology video on YouTube, vowing to do better and continue listening to the community as always,” jokes one player. “Death Knight starter quest has been changed,” another writes playfully.

A similar incident happened in the company’s flagship FPS, Overwatch, which saw the title’s cowboy character’s name changed to Cole Cassidy following accusations levelled at the original namesake. When the name change came into effect on October 26, several fans noticed that Blizzard hadn’t censored some key references utilizing his former alias.

Whether or not Blizzard lock these cheeky Stormwind guards up and throw away the key remains to be see, however if you plan on paying the stunning citadel a visit as a Death Knight, be sure to take an umbrella.

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