Asmongold slams Blizzard’s “garbage” Sylvanas story retcon in WoW Shadowlands

asmongold wow shadowlands eternity's edge sylvanas windrunnerTwitch: Asmongold, Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft’s Banshee Queen, Sylvanas, has had a pretty rough time in Shadowlands, and Twitch star Asmongold has heavily criticized Blizzard’s narrative for the WoW icon. 

With World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Shadowlands, many fans have accused Blizzard of missing the mark in a narrative sense. The newest chapter, Eternity’s End, doesn’t seem to be faring much better.

Controversy mainly swirls around WoW Shadowlands’ supposed main antagonist, Sylvanas Windrunner, whose seemingly disjointed story has left players feeling “robbed” of one of their favorite characters. Some, following the messy launch of Chains of Domination, have even suggested that killing her off is a better fate.

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Asmongold has also been quick to criticize the developers for their creative choices, and in the wake of a new cinematic that entirely changes Sylvanas’ story, he’s taken aim at Blizzard for retconning the Forsaken queen.

World of Warcraft WoW Shadowlands Sylvanas with swordBlizzard Entertainment
Sylvanas has always been a divisive character, but Shadowlands has left her in a weird spot.

Asmongold slams Blizzard for WoW’s Sylvanas storyline

Following Chains of Domination, the self-professed Dark Lady has been reverted to her former High Elf self, meaning her iconic blue-tinted skin and searing red eyes have been transformed back into beautiful elven features.

This, however, has left Asmongold out in the cold. Reacting to the new 9.2 Shattered Legacies cinematic, he notes “this is what happened: she’s mind-controlled, but then she’s not mind-controlled, but then she knows she’s being mind-controlled, but sometimes she’s not mind controlled… But basically, whenever she does anything that’s bad she’s mind-controlled, and whenever she’s not doing something bad she’s not mind-controlled.”

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He also makes reference to the ongoing lawsuit against the company. “Leave it to Blizzard to take agency away from another female,” he states, “this is f**king ridiculous man, this is so f**king garbage. I can’t believe it.

“Like, you take one of the best characters in the whole story, and you say every cunning and deceptive and brilliant thing that you’ve [Sylvanas] done is completely because of some bald f**king moron with predominant nipples that’s actually pulling the strings in the background that nobody knew about?”

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Asmongold goes on to question why the Jailer would allow Sylvanas to betray him at the end of Chains of Domination, asking “how the f**k is he going to lose” in the new 9.2 update.

As Sylvanas’ Ranger General self continues to grapple with the battle for her soul, we’ll have to see what the concluding chapter of Shadowlands has in store. However, judging by his comments, it may not just be the end of Shadowlands, but the end of Asmongold’s WoW adventures.

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