When does Valorant Episode 2 begin? Act 3 end date, more

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Valorant is nearing the end of its first Episode, Ignition. Act 3 is underway, with the second Episode soon to follow. We’ve got everything you need to know about when Ignition ends, when Episode 2 will start, and the major changes coming.

It feels like just a few days ago we were getting our hands on Valorant for the first time. However, Act 1 and 2 has already passed, and Act 3 is soon to be going the way of the history books, marking the end of the Ignition chapter.

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Act 3 is chock full of content, including a new map in Icebox, an all-new battle pass, and Agent Skye. However, it’s likely that the mark of a new episode is going to be even more grandiose.

Icebox in ValorantRiot Games
Icebox was meant to come in Episode 2, but Riot pulled its release forward to Act 3.

If you’re excited to play the next episode of Valorant, you still have to wait a little longer. However, here’s everything we know about Episode 2, from when it’ll be dropping on live servers, and exactly what you should expect from the major update.

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When does Valorant Ignition: Act 3 end?

Valorant’s final Act for Ignition kicked off on October 13. It’ll be kicking around for a bit longer than the last two Acts ⁠— three months instead of the usual two.

This means that players shouldn’t expect Act 3 to end until early 2021. Three months from October 13 lands us at around January 12, 2021. You’ll have until then to complete the Act 3 battle pass and reap the sweet rewards.

When does Valorant Episode 2 begin?

Once Ignition ends, Valorant’s second episode will kick off almost immediately. It’s expected that Valorant Episode 2 will launch on January 12, 2021, right after Act 3 finishes.

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This date lines up with dataminer ‘floxayyy’ and their discovery of all of the Episode 2 Act dates.

  • Episode 2 Act 1: January 12 to March 2
  • Episode 2 Act 2: March 2 to April 27
  • Episode 2 Act 3: April 27 to June 22

New content coming in Valorant Episode 2: Agents, more

Valorant Episode 2 was meant to bring a new map, new Agent, and major gameplay updates. However, the first point on that list has been ticked off in Act 3, with Riot releasing Icebox to players three months early. That doesn’t mean that a new map won’t be arriving with Episode 2, but it’s unlikely.

One thing players can be sure of is a new Agent landing onto Future Earth. There’s already a teaser out for them ⁠— Tier 48 of the battle pass has revealed a dog tag with “Memento Mori” on it, a Latin phrase about the inevitability of death.

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Memento Mori Valorant player cardRiot Games
The Memento Mori player card in the Act 3 battle pass could be the first teaser of Valorant’s next Agent in Episode 2.

Valorant Episode 2 will also likely add some new features to the game as well. It’s just a game of wait and see, but one thing is for certain, the update should be huge.

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