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Everything new in Valorant Act 3: Icebox map, new Agent Skye, Battlepass

Published: 7/Oct/2020 16:26 Updated: 9/Oct/2020 18:51

by Calum Patterson


Riot Games has now unveiled its grand plans for Act III of Episode 1 in Valorant, including a first look at the brand new agent. There’s also the new map, Icebox, and first details of the battle pass.

Riot already confirmed the brand new map, Icebox, the second new map coming to the game since launch.


In addition, a new Agent is joining the roster, but at the time of writing, Riot is keeping their exact name, abilities and lore under wraps.

Here’s everything you need to know about Valorant Episode 1, Act 3:




Riot says they’re “closing Episode 1 with a banger of a finish.” A new Map, fresh 50-tiered Battlepass, changes to competitive mode, and the next Agent coming 2 weeks into the act.

New Map: Icebox (October 13 Unrated, October 27 Competitive)

An abandoned Kingdom research facility in the arctic wilderness is the next location to flex your aim and abilities. Pierce the dense snow cover as an Attacker to plant the Spike, and outplay as a Defender using ziplines to reach new and dangerous heights.

The two objective sites on Icebox favor frequent skirmishes, sharp aim, and adaptive play.


Because the new map is being pushed live earlier than was planned, the new Agent will be delayed. The Agent will release 2 weeks (one patch cycle) after the start of Act III. This will allow the devs to sort out any stability issues.

Competitive Refresh (October 13)

Riot is making some changes to how ranking works in the competitive mode of Valorant. The developers say they are working “on the long term health of organized team play.”

  • New Competitive Act
  • Rank queue lowered from 6 tiers to 3 tiers
  • Select preferred server, to improve ping
  • Immortal+ rank outcomes are decided 100% by wins and losses

You can check out a full breakdown of the changes coming in Act III and beyond here.


Act III Battlepass (October 13)

As with each new act, a fresh Battlepass is also dropping on October 13:

Riot explains that the Battlepass is being slightly improved for Act III though. Weekly missions will now progress quicker for “faster unlocks” and additional epilogue tiers.


“Collect heads, rake in the XP, then snap on Act III exclusives like the “Chilly McFreeze” Gun Buddy to match your arctic battles, the “Radianite Hazard” Player Card, and the Viper Spray that reminds you to wash your hands.

Purchase the Act III Premium Battlepass to unlock more tiers of VALORANT items like the Ruin Vandal, “Disco Ball” Gun Buddy, and the Surge Bucky (with variants!).”

New weapon skin: Singularity (October 13)

“Singularity exists in a far future, vast in its journey from the beyond. Powerful, abstract, and mysterious. None know where it came from or how it came to be.

Harness its unstable force on the Phantom, Sheriff, Spectre, Ares, and Melee when you buy the Singularity bundle.”

Gun Buddy: Welcome Middle East and North Africa

More (low ping) challengers to the Radiant throne have arrived from the Middle East and North Africa.

Log in during October 28 to earn the Dallah Gun Buddy and celebrate their homecoming.

New Agent: Skye (October 27)

Skye has been officially announced as the next Agent to join the Valorant line-up with a multifaceted suite of abilities, including healing powers to support the team as well as nearsighting and doing damage to enemies from afar.

She’s due to arrive on October 27, the same date as the competitive refresh and two weeks after the October 13 arrival of Icebox.

That’s everything we know so far about Act III — stay tuned to @ValorantUpdates for the latest.


Valorant Singularity skin bundle revealed: Price, release date, more

Published: 9/Oct/2020 18:34

by Andrew Amos


The new content just keeps on coming with Valorant Act 3. Not only are players being treated to a new map in Icebox and new Agent Skye, but there’s also a new skin collection on the way from outer space ⁠— Singularity

Valorant Act 3 might just be the biggest content drop in Riot’s FPS title since the release of the game just shy of six months ago. A new map, new Agent, and now new skins to pick up for some of the most popular guns in the game.


The Singularity collection will be launching on October 13 alongside the rest of Valorant’s Act 3 content. If you felt a little bit left out by the lack of animations on the Nebula skins, the sci-fi based Singularity set will be for you.

Valorant Phantom Singularity skin inspect
Riot Games
The Singularity skin line will feature new cosmetics for the Phantom (pictured), Sheriff, Ares, Spectre, and Melee.

The skins are heavily based on outer space, with luminous bullet tracers and dark drone sound effects. The Level 4 finisher even sucks enemies into the abyss through a black hole.


The designs for the Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, and Ares feature new abstract gun models, with purple light flashing between the gaps of each gun’s new crystalline body. The different silhouette was a challenge for Riot to recreate, but after Elderflame, they knew it could be done.

“We needed to start learning how to make more and more complex skins. We had spent so long working on the grounded base arsenal that the idea of making a gun out of essentially floating rocks would be a new challenge for the team to creatively push themselves,” art lead Sean Marino said.

“Singularity became the first weapon skin that had both an equip and reload animation, plus moving parts that animated on the weapon itself,” producer Preeti Khanolkar added.


You can check out the full collection below.

Valorant Singularity skin collection


Valorant Sheriff Singularity skin


Valorant Spectre Singularity skin


Valorant Phantom Singularity skin


Valorant Ares Singularity skin


Valorant Singularity melee skin

How much will the Valorant Singularity skin bundle cost?

The Singularity bundle will cost 8,700 Valorant Points (VP) to get the whole thing. That will include the five skins for the Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, Ares, and Melee, as well as an exclusive player card, spray, and gun buddy.

If you are only looking to add one or two skins to your collection though, you will be able to pick up each weapon individually in your rotating shop. They’ll be priced as follows.

  • Sheriff: 2,175 VP
  • Spectre: 2,175 VP
  • Phantom: 2,175 VP
  • Ares: 2,175 VP
  • Melee: 4,350 VP

Valorant Singularity skin bundle release date

The Singularity skin bundle will release alongside Valorant Act 3 on October 13. You’ll be able to pick it up instantly as a bundle when the shop cycles over.

You might have to set aside some more shekels if you want to pick up all the content. With an all-new battle pass, new Agent Skye, and a new map to play around on, there’s plenty coming to Valorant in Act 3 at the same time.