Valorant Agent Skye revealed: Abilities, release date, more

Skye in ValorantRiot Games

Riot Games have revealed the newest Agent coming in Act 3, Skye, a versatile Australian who will start scouting, attacking, and healing for her teams on October 27.

A couple months after Killjoy debuted as Valorant’s 12th Agent, Riot Games have revealed the trailer for the game’s 13th, Skye, who employs a variety of “beasts” to do her bidding and help her team gain a competitive edge.

From being able to heal teammates to nearsighting and damaging enemies from afar, Skye appears to have a multifaceted suite of abilities that make her an intriguing Agent to employ.

Valorant weapons and items Act IIIRiot Games
Skye is Valorant’s newest Agent, hailing from Australia.

What are Skye’s abilities?

  • Ability 1 — Trailblazer: Equip a Tasmanian tiger trinket. Fire to send out and take control of the predator. While in control, fire to leap forward, exploding in a concussive blast and damaging enemies.
  • Ability 2 — Guiding Light: Equip a hawk trinket. Fire to send it forward, hold fire to guide it from afar. Re-use while the hawk is in flight to transform it into a flash that gives a “hit confirm” if an enemy is within range and line of sight.
  • Ability 3 — Regrowth: Equip a healing trinket. Hold fire to channel, healing allies in range and line of sight. Can be reused until her healing pool is depleted. (Does not heal herself.)
  • Ultimate Ability — Seekers: Equip a “seeker” trinket. Fire to send out three seekers to track down the three closest enemies. If a seeker reaches an enemy, it nearsights them.

Skye’s Agent contract

Like Killjoy, Riot has only listed Skye’s Agent contract as having eight rewards (including the Agent herself). However, upon release, Killjoy ended up having 10 rewards in her contract. 

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While the specific details and looks of her awards remain uncertain, players can expect to unlock three sprays, two titles, one gun buddy, one player card, and, as aforementioned, Skye.

Skye Release date in Valorant

Skye is set for release in Valorant on October 27, 2020.

Unlike Killjoy, who was revealed on August 2 and added to the game on August 4, Valorant players will have to wait a couple weeks to unlock the beastmaster Agent. While the next patch will unleash an icy Act III on fans fit with a brand-new Icebox map on October 13, eager players can circle October 27 on their calendars for Skye.

On that date, the game will feature a “Competitive Refresh” fit with a new Competitive Act, more server control, and, in a chance for players to start grinding out the title’s versatile 13th Agent.

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