Riot reveals Valorant Act 3 battle pass is easiest one to complete yet

Andrew Amos
Act 3 Vandal and Phantom battle pass skins in Valorant

Valorant’s battle pass system has been criticized in the past for being quite the grind to complete. However, in Act 3, Riot have listened, revealing that this rendition is the easiest one to complete yet with better missions and a longer time frame to complete it.

A new Act in Valorant means a new battle pass for players to grind out. 50 tiers, all jam packed with rewards, regardless of whether you buy in or not.

However, many players have complained about not completing the previous passes. Unless you were devoted to the Daily and Weekly missions across the two months, you’d likely fall shy of hitting that Tier 50 Melee skin.

Valorant Act 3 guide with Skye
Valorant’s Act 3 battle pass features new skins, gun buddies, and player cards: no different to earlier ones. However, it should be easier to complete.

A combination of problems were on the community’s hit list. Some game modes, like Deathmatch, offered pitiful amounts of experience. There were some really hard to complete missions thrown in. There wasn’t enough time to complete the pass.

Riot has heralded all of these calls, and looked to improve the battle pass for Act 3. They’ve done so by increasing the duration from two months to three, as well as removing a host of missions that were too hard to complete.

“It should be [easier to complete],” developer NoPlantsDance explained on Reddit. “We lowered a bunch of the weekly mission completion requirements and deleted a few of the worst offenders completely.”

“Between those changes and the extra time, getting further into the pass should feel more comfortable.”


However, one of Riot’s claims about bonus XP on offer in the battle pass launch has been reversed. The devs initially stated there’d be bonuses on offer, although they didn’t go into detail how so. With the new changes though, players shouldn’t need them though.

“There’s no bonus XP in the Act 3 battle pass, but you’ll find this battle pass much easier to finish,” the devs added on Twitter.

Overall, it should take you less games to hit Tier 50. While the exact number isn’t floating around yet, given the first two battle passes had around 100 hours of content, you can expect a substantial reduction on that.

If you’re yet to check out what’s in the Act 3 battle pass, we’ve got you covered. With plenty of skins, gun buddies, player cards, and more on offer, this might be the one you should pick up if you’ve been on the fence in previous Acts.