Valorant update 7.03 patch notes: Player behavior, store updates, more

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With Valorant patch 7.03, Riot brings the third update in Episode 7 Act 1 that includes some quality-of-life changes, store updates, and more. Here’s everything included in the patch notes for the 7.03 update.

Unlike some previous Valorant updates, patch 7.03 is a relatively small one. It mostly includes quality-of-life changes as the devs have restructured the rendering system, favoriting items after purchase from the store, and some more.

The new patch also includes some player behavior updates, bringing a new way of muting people in the lobby. Here’s what Valorant patch 7.03 brings to the table.

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an image of some highlights from Valorant patch 7.03Riot Games
Valorant patch 7.03 brings new quality-of-life updates to the game.

Valorant update 7.03 patch notes

With the Valorant patch 7.03, Riot has incorporated a rendering system restructure that will make it easier for them to maintain the system in the future.

The store update includes a way to favorite a newly purchased or unlocked weapon, or its skins, right from the confirmation screen. This is applicable to items after you purchase or unlock a battlepass or event pass item at the end of a game.

Here are the full Valorant 7.03 patch notes from Riot Games.

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General Updates

  • Restructured the rendering system with the goal of making the system more maintainable in the future.

Play Behavior Updates

  • Added party text mutes for people who have received team text mutes.
  • Added formatting changes to our behavioral warning messaging system in order to improve visibility and readability.

Store Updates

Favoriting After Purchase and End-of-Game Unlock

  • After purchasing or unlocking Battlepass or event pass items at the end of a game, you will now have the ability to immediately Favorite your newly purchased/unlocked weapon or accessory item (titles not included) on the confirmation screen.

Navigation to Sprays Collection

  • After purchasing or unlocking a Battlepass or event pass Spray at the end of a game, you will now be able to directly navigate to that newly acquired Spray in the Collections tab from the confirmation screen.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a white line appeared on Player Portraits when an Ultimate was used.
  • Fixed an issue where a shield’s number value appears red in the shop upon damage and then when buying it back again.
  • Fixed a font issue where Greek Tonos was not rendering for Account Names.
  • Fixed a bug where VOIP Ducks Flavor VO (a setting that, when turned on, makes in-game sounds slightly lower in order to prioritize party/team comms) was not functioning as intended.
  • Fixed a bug in the Esports Hub that was causing the Schedule to show incorrect Time/Days due to UTC time conversion.

So, there you have it — that’s everything included in Valorant 7.03 patch. For more about the game, make sure to check some of our other Valorant content:

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