Sinatraa’s ex Cleo files police report over sexual assault allegations

Sinatraa playing for Sentinels ValorantSentinels

Sexual assault allegations against Valorant pro Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won developed on April 20, as his ex-girlfriend and accuser Cleo ‘cle0h’ Hernandez claimed she filed a police report against the Sentinels star.

On March 11, Cleo posted a Twitlonger featuring screenshots and audio clips documenting an alleged abusive relationship with the former Overwatch League MVP.

“I remember one day… he wanted to have sex. I didn’t have an excuse, [so] I just let it happen and laid there and stared at the ceiling with him on top of me, his weight crushing my chest. I think about staring at that ceiling every day,” she alleged in her document.

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Following the claims, Sentinels and Riot themselves suspended Won, preventing him from playing in the Valorant Champions Tour until an investigation could be conducted.

Sinatraa himself revealed he was assisting with the investigation by turning over any video and audio clips his ex mentioned in her original post.

“It is clear from Cleo’s recent post that she recalls our relationship differently than I do,” the 20-year-old stated. “What we do agree on is that it was unhealthy for the both of us. I apologize to Cleo and regret how things ended, but I never assaulted her in any way.”

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Now, over a month later, Cleo has posted a new document in which she reveals she has filed a police report against her ex.

Sinatraa has been suspended since March 10.

In a new Twitlonger, Cleo explained how her case was open and it’s ongoing. However, she also noted how that was the extent she was going to say regarding the investigation.

She included screenshots of a money transfer Sinatraa sent her for Plan B after he “refused to wear a condom” and TikToks of Won’s current partner Emmyuh “scaring her into silence.”

As Dexerto previously reported, Emmyuh wrote her own Twitlonger explaining the situation and alleging that Cleo was prone to erratic behavior in past relationships.

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Sinatraa has remained quiet while all this has been going on, but some are starting to think that Riot and Sentinels will reveal the findings of their investigation soon as the Valorant pro has been spotted in-game.

His teammate, Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan even said on stream after a match that he played against Sinatraa in a game. “I still can’t talk about Sinatraa yet or everything that happened,” he revealed.

It’s unclear if this revelation that a police report has been filed will throw a wrench into Riot and Sentinels’ own verdict. We’ll just have to wait and see what ends up happening with all the parties involved.

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