Pokimane slams Dafran’s ‘sexist’ reaction to Sinatraa abuse allegations

Pokimane and Dafran feud ove Sinatraa allegationsSentinels/Instagram/pokimanelol/Blizzard

Popular Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys blasted fellow streamer and former Overwatch League star Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca for what she viewed as a sexist take on the allegations facing Valorant pro Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won.

As Dexerto reported, on March 9, Sinatraa’s ex-girlfriend Cleo ‘cle0h’ Hernandez posted a document where she alleged that the Sentinels player was sexually abusive in their relationship.

Dafran, being a former teammate of Sinatraa’s during their time on the Overwatch team Selfless, was extremely vocal in his defense of the 2019 OWL MVP.

In a series of controversial tweets, Dafran wrote that, “E-girls can be f***ing scary as a Twitch streamer. They will try to jebait or photoshop evidence and then f*** you. I’m not saying she is one, but she could be.”

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After facing backlash for his remarks, he doubled down and followed up by writing, “How is it fair that someone can scream r*pe at a public figure and everyone bandwagons without question? The public is gaining too much power, the world is f**ked.”

Francesca’s comments quickly spread, with Pokimane addressing his remarks live on air. At first, she had no idea that Dafran was an actual streamer with a sizable following and believed him to just be an internet troll.

Pokimane responds to Dafran’s remarks

“I have been in this industry for so long that I’m desensitized to a lot of the bulls**t. However, and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt real hard, but something you cannot gloss over is as hard as he’s trying to make his perspective seem logical, he’s ignoring the fact that he ultimately based this off of her gender,” she stated after reading the Danish streamer’s tweets.

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“He’s not saying ‘be careful of who you believe on the internet,’ he’s specifically saying she is a girl therefore be careful because they will trick you,” she added. “Like we are in a fantasy erotica and all the women around us are succubi.”

Anys continued her attack on Dafran, commenting that while she thinks he tried to be “skeptical” and “logical,” he only has this perspective because the accuser was female.

“I can promise you as a girl who’s been in this scene for years, this is just another reflection of the fact that we are rarely ever given the benefit of the doubt,” she insisted. “We have to work so hard to even be half as credible as someone simply because of what’s between our legs. And that’s crazy.”

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Dafran responds to Pokimane

During his own stream, Dafran responded to Pokimane’s comments, making his Twitch title: “I stand by everything I said on Twitter… and no I’m not sexist like this Pokimane human says.”

“Pokimane calling me a sexist, I don’t give a f**k. Get f**ked, dude. Doesn’t change my opinion,” he said on stream. “Just because they have 60,000 viewers or whatever doesn’t mean that they’re right.”

“The world is f**ked if it keeps going like this where we just instantly believe the girl with their accusations. Like, it’s just f**ked up. We need both sides,” he concluded, ending his broadcast.

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Riot Games and Sentinels suspended Sinatraa, preventing him from playing in the Valorant Stage 1 Masters as they investigate the allegations.

Additionally, the Overwatch League is refunding OWL Tokens to players who purchased his MVP Alien Zarya skin. Blizzard will also be removing MVP badges from the skin in a future patch.

Won himself commented on the allegations on March 10 where he denied ever assaulting his ex-girlfriend. He further added that he was cooperating with the investigations.

Cloud9’s Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo will be replacing Sinatraa in the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour Masters 1.