Shroud lashes out at “clown” Valorant stream snipers after nail-biting game

Shroud Valorant Stream Sniper RageRiot Games / Twitch: Shroud

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek doesn’t lose his composure often, but in a rare moment of rage, he lashed out at some stream snipers in Valorant, calling them “clowns” and “b*tches” after a nail-biting Rated game that came down to the wire.

It’s hard to find a streamer more chilled than Shroud. He’s cool, calm, and collected at the best and worst of times, which is probably the reason why he thrived as a professional CS: GO player.

However, he encountered some pesky stream snipers while playing Valorant in a recent stream, and although he managed to beat them, it didn’t stop him from dishing out some heated words.

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Shroud dream job game studioShroud
Shroud doesn’t rage often, but when he does, it’s usually directed at stream snipers.

As the game was unfolding, it became abundantly clear some people on the other team were stream sniping. They knew where he was almost every time and always obnoxiously killed him.

“Oh, these guys are so f**king boring dude! You know what I’m saying?” he yelled after getting shot in the back.“This game would have been over. Literally, like 12 – 4, if [they weren’t stream sniping]. These f**king clowns.”

Still, he managed to overcome the odds and beat them with his exceptional skills. He reflected on the ordeal afterward, calling them “a bunch of stream sniping b**ches” and urged them to “just play the damn game.” 

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Then, he wrapped things up with a scathing message for stream snipers in general. “Focus on yourself. You’re not learning. You’re just griefing. Literally, you’re not learning sh*t. You’re just f**king griefing yourself, your progress, and your little tiny f**king brain.”

The relevant part of the video starts at 11:10.

It’s not often you see Shroud get this worked up, even though his reaction was tame compared to other streamers. 

But when he does, it’s usually directed at stream snipers. He’s slammed them in the past and will continue to do so again in the future.

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