Shroud reveals one Valorant feature he’d love Riot to add in the future

Alex Tsiaoussidis

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek loves a lot of things about Valorant, but he revealed one feature he’d love to see Riot add in the future — the ability for players to make custom maps and modes.

Although he’s been playing lots of New World lately, shroud is still deeply immersed in the Valorant community. He’s talked about everything from Reyna’s place in the meta, his thoughts on the Fracture map, and more.

It’s been a hot minute since he played regularly. However, he jumped back into action on November 6 and admitted one thing that’d keep him coming back — custom maps and modes players can create.

Shroud on Valorant vs CSGO
Shroud revealed the one thing he’d love to see Riot add to Valorant in the future.

“I wish this game had customs. Like, being able to make custom maps. I think people would be able to make really cool sh*t,” he said.

He believes the community will have no shortage of making “really fun” content — akin to how Overwatch players mess around with the game’s workshop mode.

However, he thinks there should be a form of quality control, too. “It’d be cool even if there was a vetting process so not everybody could make whatever they want. Like, it’s vetted by Riot, and they choose what comes out.”

Of all the amazing things the community could produce, he believes PvE content will be the most popular.

“People would play the sh*t out of a PvE mode. If you and a buddy are going through these halls and you’re trying to do objectives and puzzles. People would kill for that. They’d love it. I’d love it. I’d play it. I’m sure they’ll do it someday.”

The ability to make custom maps and modes is something the Counter-Strike community has been able to do for a long time.

Given his history as a CSGO player, it’s no surprise that he wants Valorant players to have that option, too.

At the moment, Riot is focused on making its own content. Valorant patch 3.09 introduced a new battlepass, new Agent, and more. However, shroud is confident they’ll add it at some point down the road.

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