Shroud explains why Valorant players should all be picking Reyna right now

Alex Tsiaoussidis
shroud-valorant-reynaTwitch: Shroud / Riot Games

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has explained why Valorant players should all be picking Reyna now, claiming she’s in a “good spot” right now and more useful in a team compared to the past.

Shroud has spoken favorably about Reyna in the past. He said she “guaranteed consistency” compared to other hard-carry Agents like Jett. So, it’s no surprise that he decided to dominate some pubs with her on stream.

A fan asked him whether he thinks Reyna is better now compared to the past. She was nerfed in patch 2.03 in an effort to give her less pubstomp potential. He wasn’t sure at first but changed his tune shortly after.

Riot Games
Reyna is one of the more unique Duelist Agents in Valorant.

“Is Reyna is better now? I think it’s not better nor worse. I mean, it’s situational, I guess. She’s better sometimes, and she’s worse sometimes,” he said. “That one time is where she’s worse because you run out of Dismisses.”

However, after dominating a few games with her, he was more confident. “Reyna is in a good spot. Real good,” he said. “They fixed the one person dominating and pubstomping [aspect], but they made her better for team play.”

For that reason, he feels like she’s a much better pick now compared to before. “She feels like a much better entry now. Like, much better, because of being able to do some damage and your teammate gets the frag.”

Shroud hasn’t been playing Valorant as much lately due to his self-proclaimed obsession with New World.

The next time he does, though, he’ll almost certainly be picking Reyna again after the insane Valorant plays he’s been pulling off recently.