Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 Battlepass: New skins, tiers & rewards

two valorant gunsRiot Games, Dexerto

The Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 Battlepass will release alongside the new Act on November 2, and include all the bells and whistles we’re accustomed to. Check out the new skins and rewards coming in the battlepass.

Although the new Act starts on November 2, the disappointing news is that the new Agent, Chamber, won’t be accompanying it.

Instead, the 17th Valorant Agent has been delayed until a later update in mid-November, to give the team at Riot more time to make sure the quality is up to standard, and iron out any final issues.

So, the main addition on November 2 will be the new battlepass, which you can get a first look at below.

What’s in the Act 3 Valorant battlepass?

Running for 10 weeks, until January 11, 2022, the battlepass will include weapon skins, gun buddies and sprays.

Riot’s Sean Marino, Associate Art Director, said “With this Battlepass, we wanted to celebrate the end-of-year traditions like Halloween, the New Year, and the winter holidays.

“Players will see a lot of items that reference these holidays, including the ‘Mance on a Broom Go Zoom’ spray, the ‘Sock of Cheer’ Gun Buddy, and the ‘On Cooldown’ card. We also included a few items related to the weapon skins in this Battlepass so players can match their guns to their accessories, such as the Genesis buddy and Goldwing Player Card.”

Act 3 Battlepass skins

Genesis – Bulldog

Bulldog genesis skin

Genesis – Bucky

bucky genesis skin

Genesis – Melee

Genesis melee skin

Genesis – Operator

Op genesis skin

Genesis – Shorty

shorty genesis skin

Aero – Phantom

Phantom Aero skin

Aero – Frenzy

Frenzy aero skin

Aero – Guardian

Guardian aero skin

Aero – Spectre

Spectre Aero skin

Goldwing – Judge

goldwing ares

Goldwing – Classic

classic goldwing

Goldwing – Ghost

ghost goldwing

Goldwing – Ares


There’s a total of 15 sprays in the Act 3 battlepass. Some of our favorites include the Keanu Reeves inspired Yoru and the Skye ‘Take My Creds’.

Sprays in act 3 battlepass

“We had a lot of fun designing the accessories in this Battlepass, especially the sprays,” said Marino. “‘This is Really Not Fine’ features Sage and builds on the other ‘This is Fine’ spray series. Sage is also featured in a really fun ‘Crying Sage’ Player Card. The ‘Dumpster Fire’ Gun Buddy pays homage to our trashiest VALORANT games, while the “Winner Winner” Buddy celebrates our best. There are also some really cute emoji sprays featuring Astra, Reyna, Skye, and the sloth from Breeze. Overall, this is a great awesome Battlepass that I hope players will love!”

As always there will be an assortment of gun buddies too for you to style your loadout with.

How much is the Act 3 battlepass?

The premium battlepass will cost 1,000 VP. However, the following items will be available to all players in the free battlepass:

  • Aero Frenzy with variants
  • Edible Ornament Gun Buddy
  • Get the Picture Gun Buddy
  • Kingdoms Divided Player Card
  • Plant Plant Spray

So, check out Act 3 starting November 2 to start working your way through the tiers, and look forward to Chamber dropping later in the season.