How will Young Sheldon Season 7 end?

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The cast of Young Sheldon in the Season 7 intro.

Young Sheldon Season 6 is on Netflix while Season 7 has officially arrived – but how will the show end? Here’s what fans think should happen in this series.

After seven seasons, Young Sheldon is wrapping up for good. It doesn’t mean a definite end for the Sheldon-verse – thanks to a new spin-off being officially confirmed – nor does it mean that Sheldon’s story is necessarily over.

In the meantime, the prequel exploring Sheldon’s life before The Big Bang Theory will be no more, although there will still be plenty of gaps in his history before the main show begins.

With Young Sheldon Season 7 now off to a flying start, how will the show end? Here’s everything we know so far.

How will Young Sheldon Season 7 end?

Though the final outing is only just getting started, Young Sheldon fans on Reddit think that they have the Season 7 storyline sussed.

Iain Armitage and the cast of Young Sheldon.

Season 7 Episode 1 deals with the direct aftermath of the town tornado, but nothing is certain for Young Sheldon’s end.

One fan prediction reads: “George dies. Sheldon goes to Cal Tech. Missy continues to break bad. Mary gets even more religious and forgives Brenda. Connie and Dr. Sturgis get married or live together. Dale gets kicked to the curb. Pastor Jeff gets caught cheating on his wife. They find out the youth pastor is a p***phile.

“Georgie and Mandy get married. Georgie starts working at Mandy’s dad’s tire shop which he eventually inherits or buys out. They get their own TV show.”

The latter part is technically true, with a spin-off focusing on Georgie and Mandy’s married life already in the works.

“The family is sitting in a diner eating onion rings while Don’t Stop Believing is playing on the jukebox… Pastor Rob is seen walking to the bathroom wearing a Members Only jacket… arriving late, Missy runs through the door, looks at George, and the screen cuts to black…” a second guess adds, referencing the infamous ending of The Sopranos.

“I think the ending scene will be what the first scene of TBBT was. Sheldon and Leonard planning to go to a sperm bank for money,” a third weighs in.

One of the most popular theories surrounding Young Sheldon’s end is George Cooper Sr.’s death – although the jury is out on whether it will be shown on screen.

“I guess this season will end with George Sr.’s Death. And everyone’s life after that will be shown in small glimpses in the last episode,” another Redditor sums up.

Young Sheldon Season 7 continues on March 7, 2024. Catch up with more on the series below:

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