Young Sheldon: What episode does George die?

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George Cooper in Young SheldonCBS

Young Sheldon is drawing to a close with its seventh and final season – but what episode does George die in? Here’s everything you need to know.

Fans are understandably bereft that Young Sheldon is finally coming to an end with Season 7, although there are a lot of storyline questions left to answer.

So far, fan theories have ranged from Mary cheating on George to a redemption arc for Missy after the Cooper family deals with the aftermath of a tornado.

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But where does this leave family patriarch George Cooper Snr. in all this, and what episode does he die in? Here’s what you need to know.

Young Sheldon: What episode does George die?

George Cooper Snr. hasn’t yet died in any episode of Young Sheldon – but fans are expecting his death to happen later on in Season 7.

Lancer Barber as George Sr. in Young Sheldon.CBS

Thanks to the original plot from The Big Bang Theory, we know that Sheldon’s dad’s death is a foregone conclusion. In the main series, fans learn that Sheldon lost his dad when he was 14 – which is exactly the same age he is during Young Sheldon Season 7.

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With 14 episodes left to go, many fans think that this monumental family milestone will close out the series, making it an instrumental part of the hour-long season finale.

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“It’s no secret that George is expected to meet his untimely demise in season 7, but is this 100% actually going to happen?” one Redditor mused. “His death was essentially confirmed by one of the actors but will it happen in Season 7 or later on (if they’re even is a new season after Season 7).

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“Or will the writers have a change of heart and decide to keep George alive (I really hope this is the case, I couldn’t stand to see a family’s dad taken from them, especially Missy after the Season 6 finale)?”

“Nah I hope they have some balls and actually do it. Stick to the canon,” a second added, with a third fan further explaining, “He has to die. It sucks, but there’s no way around that.”

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However, some fans are suspicious about how George Cooper Snr.’s death will be presented, even going as far as to argue that it won’t be shown on screen at all.

“Technically the writers can just delay George’s death to the latest possible point, like a day or two before Sheldon’s and Missy’s 15th birthday. They are still technically 14 anyways,” a fourth fan further argued, with a fifth agreeing, “It’s possible that they will end the show before he dies. That’s probably the best approach.”

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Young Sheldon Season 7 begins airing on February 15, 2024.

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