Young Sheldon spinoff confirmed – but there’s a twist

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Montana Jordan and Emily Osment in Young Sheldon.

While Young Sheldon is heading into its final seventh season, the stories of the Copper family aren’t over as a new spinoff series is in the works- expanding the Sheldon Cinematic Universe.

The Big Bang Theory opened the door to explore the childhood of Sheldon Cooper. A Mensa-certified genius who was raised in Texas and born into an ordinary religious family. But fans wondered what Sheldon was like as a child due to his high intellect compared to others.

Thus, Young Sheldon was born. Fans got to see it all from his parent’s marriage, his relationship with MeeMaw, and his bond with his twin sister Missy and older brother Georgie. It was a grand success that cataloged the major events Sheldon talked about in the original series.

Young Sheldon is set to debut its final seventh season, supposedly ending the Cooper family. But recent reports confirm a new spinoff has been greenlighted – but focusing on another Cooper family member.

What will the Young Sheldon spinoff be about?

The newly confirmed Young Sheldon spinoff will focus on Georgie and Mandy as they navigate parenthood together.

That’s right, the Young Sheldon Universe is far from over. According to Variety, the spinoff will focus on the eldest son Georgie as he continues to embark on his journey as a father alongside Mandy, the mother of his daughter. It would make sense that the spinoff is taking this route as Season 7 is meant to end Sheldon’s journey as he goes to California to attend CalTech. Per the original series.

Compared to Missy, Georgie and Mandy have a more substantial story to unearth. The Big Bang Theory fans know that Sheldon explains his brother has two ex-wives. One of them might be Mandy as the Young Sheldon Season 7 will likely dive into their wedding.

Georgie met Mandy in Season 5 when he was 17 and she was 29. Their relationship began under the pretense that they were both lying about their ages. As the story goes, Mandy becomes pregnant and the problem of their ages becomes a bigger issue when everyone finds out.

Mandy gives birth in Season 6 to their daughter, but aren’t in a committed relationship until getting engaged during the finale. For now, both Montana Jordan and Emily Osment are in talks to reprise their roles for the spinoff.

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