The Purge 6 on hold because studio is “scared”

Cameron Frew
Frank Grillo as Leo Barnes in The Purge

The Purge 6 is set to be the “swan song” for the horror franchise – but, apparently, the studio is too “scared” to get behind it right now.

James DeMonoco had us all in the palm of his hands with the idea alone: all crime, including murder, legal for 12 hours. For some, it’s a night from hell. For others, it’s the most cathartic event of the year.

The first movie felt like a waste, using the nationwide chaos as a backdrop for a home invasion, but The Purge: Anarchy took the tension to the streets. Since then, we’ve had three other movies: Election Year, which was a direct sequel to the second entry; The First Purge, a prequel; and The Forever Purge, which saw the New Founding Fathers back in power.

Plans for a sixth movie have been discussed for several years now, and sadly, it seems the project is no forward.

Studio is “scared” of The Purge 6

The Purge 6 would see the return of Frank Grillo’s Leo Barnes, but despite both DeMonaco and the star’s eagerness to get the wheels rolling, the studio is a bit apprehensive.

“I wrote the script. Universal has seen it. There are concerns about budget, but it definitely presents a fractured America… the America I present in The Purge 6 is where we all are separated by ideology and sexual preference. So, the states are broken down in different ways,” he told The Playlist.

“It’s written, it’s in their hands. I think they’re scared about the budget. But my thing was if I was going to come back and direct a sixth one, it was going to be something bigger and a little more epic in scope, with this new America I want to present and bringing back [Frank Grillo’s] character. So, it’s kinda in limbo.” 

This echoes Grillo’s sentiments to Comic Book. He said the six-quel will be “Leo Barnes-centric… it’s about Leo Barnes and it really was the swan song for the series.”

“I’m like, before I start walking on the cane, it’d be a good idea to do it soon. But Universal and Blum haven’t… they just kind of have it on the back burner. It was hot, it was hot for a minute. It was hot for a minute, and then it wasn’t.”

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