The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2: All differences between the show & stream

The Legend of Vox Machina season 2Amazon Prime Video

The Chroma Conclave arc spanned over 45 episodes of Critical Role, with each stream lasting between three and four hours, meaning it’s unlikely to see each event being directly translated over to The Legend of Vox Machina. With that in mind, here are all the differences between the show and the stream.

The Chroma Conclave’s appearance was a turning point during the Critical Role stream and is one of the longest-lasting arcs during the story of The Legend of Vox Machina, so it’s only right to see it being developed into the ever-popular TV show.

However, with only 12 short episodes in Season 2, it becomes impossible to fit every detail from the stream into the show.

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So, we’ve put together all the differences between The Legend of Vox Machina TV show and the stream that it’s based on. There are minor spoilers for The Legend of Vox Machina here, so proceed with caution!


Critical Role playing D&D at table.Critical Role
The Legend of Vox Machina visualizes hundreds of hours of content from Critical Role.

The Legend of Vox Machina differences: Episode 1-3

Since there are a fair few changes and the episodes are released in threes, we’ve separated the differences into the same groups. Come back soon for the next three episodes and their differences!

The broom of flying

When reaching Gilmore’s home upon the attack on Emon, Vox Machina find both the shop and Gilmore on the verge of destruction. Luckily they heal him and get out before the shop crumbles, although not before looting the place of a few handy items.

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One such item is a broom, which Scanlan hesitantly grabs. This is likely to be the Broom of Flying that Vex will end up getting. Rather than finding it in Gilmore’s shop, Vex actually steals it from Gern Blanson, a guest player Vox Machina meet later on in the show.

Gilmore’s teleportation

While The Legend of Vox Machina may present Gilmore as a brooding mage who is following the group to Whitestone, he is actually a little more unseen during the initial attack on Emon.

In fact, Gilmore doesn’t suggest they all head to his shop when the dragons descend. Instead, Keyleth uses her Transport-via-plants spell to get them back to their keep. They only find Gilmore later on in the show.

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The fight between Vox Machina and the White Dragon

Vorugal The Legend of Vox MachinaAmazon Prime Video
Vorugal is a deadly dragon who nearly wiped out Vox Machina at their Keep.

The battles between the dragons are and will be ones to remember during The Legend of Vox Machina. However, they have left some of the most intense and heartbreaking battles out, like the one between Vox Machina and the White Dragon at their keep.

Ultimately, the group has a full battle with Vorugal in the courtyard of their keep. Trinket gets frozen, many innocent civilians die, and the party is nearly wiped out until Thordack calls the Dragon back to him.

Gilmore’s heroic act

While the party does then head off to Whitestone to save the surviving civilians, they don’t instantly head to Vasselheim. Instead, they gain some knowledge from their friends and head back to Emon to find Gilmore and check on the state of the city.

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Upon finding Gilmore’s shop in ruins, they spot a hatch in the ground containing an almost dead Gilmore, and the family of Sovereign Uriel, although Uriel is not among them. It is revealed that Gilmore saved the family’s life and nearly ended up giving his own if it weren’t for Pike saving him. They then transport Gilmore and the family to Whitestone.

How they meet the Sphinx

Once in Vasselheim, they do head over to the Slayers Take, but they don’t get to meet the mystical Sphinx that easily, nor do they meet her for the first time.

Many episodes before this one, the group is enrolled in the Slayers Take, meeting Kash and Zahra for the first time. To be inducted into the guild they are introduced to Osysa the Sphinx and given a brand on their arms. Later on, they are directed down there by the head of the Slayers Take, Vanessa. Once down there the Sphinx directs them to the Vestiges of Divergence.

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Zahra and Kash

KashawAmazon Prime Video
Zahra and Kash are prominent characters in the stream, but are they the same in the show?

As previously stated, both Zahra and Kash are not portrayed to be as selfish in the stream version. Instead, they joined Vox Machina during their induction with Kash even surprisingly kissing Keyleth. Now, much later, they meet again, hense the embarrassment coming from Keyleth.

Ultimately, the two willingly help Vox Machina and follow them through to the Deathwalkers Ward.

The Belt of Dwarvenkind

One of the best scenes in the first three episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina is Grog putting on the Belt of Dwarvenkind and instantly getting a beard.

While the show depicts him getting the belt from Gilmore’s shop, the stream had Grog purchasing it himself from Kraghammer instead. Although he does still grow a beard from the belt’s magic.

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The Legend of Vox Machina differences: Episode 4-6

Episodes 4-6 saw Vox Machina on their way to Osysa’s mate, Kamaljiori. There weren’t too many differences in these three episodes, but nevertheless, some elements were changed between the stream and the show.

Keyleth’s Aramenté

Initially, during the stream, Keyleth had already completed her trial in Pyrah, gaining support from the region’s headmaster. She still succeeded by passing through the rift to the Plane of Fire, but this was not originally done after Thordaks release. However, his escape does still bring them back to Pyrah, to help re-seal the rift with Keyleth’s father.

Kamaljiori’s Trial

Kamaljiori in The Legend of Vox MachinaAmazon Prime Video
Kamaljiori is extremely powerful in both the stream and the show.

Rather than being tasked to hurt Kamaljiori, Vox Machina were given a different trial. The stream saw a mass of magic being cast against the group as Kamaljiori instead demanded that Vox Machina tell him his name. What followed was fantastic deduction skills, and some wild guesses, all mid-battle. In the end, it’s Percy who speaks his name and completes the trial.

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Umbrasyl’s Theft

In The Legend of Vox Machina, Umbrasyl follows the group into Kamaljiori’s lair and storms the location, taking Mythcarder and nearly killing the group. In the stream, this doesn’t happen. Umbrasyl never storms their location and Mythcarver doesn’t get taken. In fact, in the stream, Scanlan doesn’t use the weapon until it comes undoubtedly necessary.

Those are all the differences between The Legend of Vox Machina show and the stream. When the next set of episodes release we will be updating this article so be sure to come back soon. In the meantime, take a look at some of our other Vox Machina articles:

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