Spy X Family: Why is Yor working as an assassin?

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An image of Yor's introduction as an assassin

In Spy X Family, each of the Forgers is hiding their true identities from one another while continuing to live under the same roof. Officially, Yor Forger is a civil servant working in the Call Hall. However, she’s also an assassin who works in the shadows.

Spy X Family is famous for its heart-warming family dynamics. Loid Forger is a psychiatrist who is actually a spy from Westalis. He is sent to Ostania, an enemy country of Westalis, to stop an influential figure from waging war. He adopts a daughter named Anya as part of his mission.

Unbeknownst to Loid, Anya has the power to read other people’s minds. However, she believes people will not accept her if they find out about her telepathic abilities. Therefore, Anya hides her true identity from everyone around her.

Next is Yor Forger, an assassin who does whatever shady jobs she’s been asked to do since a young age. Yor has become so used to killing people that she doesn’t even flinch when doing her job. Although Loid always explains his goals to the viewers, Yor rarely mentions her motives. Here’s a look at why Yor is working as an assassin.

The real reason Yor becomes an assassin

Due to some unknown reasons, Yor’s parents died when she is very young. She’s only left with her younger brother, Yuri, who she has to take care of. Since both of them are young, Yor has no means of earning enough money to make ends meet. However, Yor has been exceptionally strong since she was young, which is why she’s able to become an assassin.

She joins “the Garden,” a secret organization that works for the Ostaninan government and targets only those they deem to be threats or traitors. Yor quickly becomes the organization’s best assassin and starts going by the name of “Thorn Princess.” Even after Yuri joins the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yor continues with her work.

Why does Yor continue to serve the Garden?

An image of the Forger family during one of their outings

Yor’s initial objective in joining the Garden is to earn enough money for herself and her brother. Left with no one to rely on, and a brother to look after, Yor doesn’t mind taking up a shady job as an assassin. However, she can easily escape that life when Yuri grows up. In fact, Yor often thinks of having of having a normal life and leaving the Garden behind. But her conscience is keeping her from leaving.

What she does may be considered taboo for some people. However, she knows how important her job is since it ensures the safety of her close ones. By killing off traitors, she’s protecting her country. As time passes and she “marries” Loid, Yor decides to continue being an assassin to protect her new family and her brother.

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