Spy x Family Episode 21 review: Yor’s new rival in love

Spy x Family episode 21Crunchyroll

Spy x Family Episode 21 introduces a brand new character to the series, Fiona Frost, who serves as a new love interest for the ever-so-charming Loid Forger. So how does Yor hold up?

Many of Spy x Family’s episodes lack of narrative progression, often highlighting stories which bear little to no impact on the overall plot. This was portrayed by the last two episodes, which were entertaining but mundane in light of the long term narrative.

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But in Spy x Family Episode 21, the anime finally shakes things up by debuting a new character, who is sure to make a substantial impact in the story moving forward. The new character fits in wonderfully with the preexisting cast, adding an extra level of enjoyment and shenanigans to the Forger family’s day to day adventures.

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A slight spoiler warning below for Spy x Family!

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Nightfall’s secret mission

Fiona Frost goes by the code name Nightfall, and is revealed to be a spy who greatly admires Loid Forger, aka Twilight. In order to ensure her mission will go smoothly, she makes a visit to the Forger family’s household, where she’s greeted by Yor.

The two interact rather awkwardly, feeling each other out in their own way. Yor’s inner monologue showcase her pure and sweet innocence, while Fiona’s harsh skepticism and demeanor creates a stark contrast between the two.

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When Anya and Loid enter the room, Fiona Frost’s real intents are revealed: she wants to become Loid’s wife. And in order to do so, she attempts to sabotage Yor, and prove to Loid that Fiona is the only one meant for him.

Though she attempts to appear cold, Anya’s mind scan reveals Fiona Frost is really just a girl madly in love with Loid. Watching the unrequited love play out, the viewer can’t help but empathize with the potential home wrecker.

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Fiona Frost’s character introduction feels incredibly natural. She fits in wonderfully with the preexisting cast, and her presence in the Forger household creates some very hilarious and touching interactions among members of the family.

After witnessing Loid smile towards his family, she realizes she has lost. Defeated, Fiona leaves. And Loid, being the gentlemen that he is, runs after her to give her an umbrella, completely oblivious to her feelings towards him. By running after his fellow spy, he opens up the door for her to come back. This is definiltey not the last we’ve seen of Fiona Frost.

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The ending credits roll, but the episode does not end.

Mr. Penguin’s battle scars

Anya and Bond watch television together, and witness a penguin get shot. With his dying breath, the penguin tells his comrade to continue fighting for world peace.

Anya screams at the television, mourning the death of the penguin. In order to commemorate his death, she sleeps with her stuffed penguin, a cherished gift from Loid. Bond witnesses this, and grows jealous of the stuffed penguin. He believes he’s been replaced, and rips the penguin up.

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After waking up, Anya sees her favorite stuffed animal torn into shreds. She proclaims her hatred for Bond, and cries over the destroyed gift from her step father. Loid sews the stuffed animal up, and Bond brings Anya some peanuts as a form of apology.

This marks their first fight ever, and is one of the few times Anya has ever expressed genuine anger in the series. And the fact her anger is directed to her best friend makes for a heart wrenching scene.

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The conflict quickly resolves. Anya apologizes for her harsh words, and the episode ends, leaving a warm feeling of satisfaction.

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