Spy x Family Episode 24 review: Yor’s continued worries

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Spy x Family Episode 24 begins by continuing Yor’s worries, where she expresses her jealousy to Loid. The second half of the episode then follows Anya as she shops with her best friend, Becky.

Spy x Family Episode 24 returns to the short story format which has been prevalent for many of the part 2’s entries. In essence, the episode showcases two separate narratives, with the first one focusing on Yor’s jealousy and the second on Anya’s shopping spree with Becky.

Unlike many of the other short stories, the plot points mentioned in Spy x Family Episode 24 connect directly with the overarching themes of the series. Therefore, character development shines in this particular episode.

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A slight spoiler warning below for Spy x Family!

The honey trap

In the beginning of the episode, Yor walks down the street dejected. Her concerns from the previous episode still plague her mind. Worried she’ll be replaced by Fiona, her jealousy and genuine affection for Loid get the better of her.

Noticing the dangers this could present for him, Loid makes Franklin babysit Anya and goes out to a bar with Yor. Yor gets absolutely hammered, and expresses her jealousy to Loid.

Instantly, having experienced love while undercover multiple times, Loid realizes Yor may have real feelings towards him. All the signs are there, and he turns on his womanizer Twilight persona in an attempt to soothe her and ease her worries. But an embarrassed and very drunk Yor kicks him in the chin by instinct, sending him flying and knocking him briefly unconscious.

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Loid wakes up on Yor’s lap, after hearing his wife sing a lullaby his mother used to sing to him. This rings classic Oedipus complex, or at least a connection to it. In other words, the connection with Loid’s mother correlating with that of his image of Yor indicate Loid may very well be developing feelings for Yor as well.

This section of the episode essentially canonizes Yor’s growing affection towards Loid, albeit she is not fully aware of it herself. As for Loid, he’s already shown signs of seeing his family as something more than an undercover veil for quite some time. And the reference to his mother, who he has only warm memories of, strongly infer Loid’s growing attraction towards Yor as well.

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The kicker here, pun intended, is Yor was too drunk to remember anything. This is classic Spy x Family narrative execution, where the strenuous efforts end up being mundane. But thankfully, the anime states the two had the same conversation again, so nothing was really lost in regards to narrative progression. It’s just a nice, hilarious moment utilizing humor which has become iconic of the series.

Anya and Becky’s shopping spree

The second half of the episode marks Anya’s return to her school life. She has more or less given up on earning eight Stellas Awards, as her mental will can no longer handle the failure. This essentially pokes fun at the entire premise of the series, making for a hilarious moment of weakness in the main character’s development.

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Anya is caught practically staring holes into Damian, which causes Becky to believe she likes him. In order to support her friend, Becky invites Anya to go shopping to pick out an outfit which would catch Damian’s attention. What proceeds is a very adorable sequence of outfit showcases for both Anya and Becky.

Though very inconsequential to the overall story, these outfit changes are clearly an excuse to display some cute outfits for the two girls. After all, they only ever wear school uniforms, something Anya actually points out.

But after “almost dying” from exhaustion while shopping, Anya tells Becky she had a lot of fun hanging with her friend. This is the first time Anya openly calls Becky her friend, which creates an incredibly heart touching moment between the two children.

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To celebrate their friendship and the memory of their first time shopping together, Anya buys two matching keychains, completely forgetting the true intent of the shopping trip.

This seems like it would have been inconsequential to the story, providing no progression for the main objectives. But upon seeing Anya at school with her new keychain, Damian Desmond blushes in awe of her pure smile. The son of the dictator is falling heads over heels over Anya, unbeknownst to the main protagonist.

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