She-Hulk actress Jameela Jamil says she wants Titania to “drive Deadpool crazy”

Philip Trahan
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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law actress Jameela Jamil talked about why she thinks Titania should cross paths with Deadpool in the MCU.

With the hype surrounding She-Hulk: Attorney at Law ramping up, fans are wondering what other Marvel heroes will show up alongside Daredevil and Abomination.

At the She-Hulk premier in L.A., actress Jameela Jamil talked about her hopes for Titania and the MCU as a whole.

When asked who Titania should butt heads with in the future, Jamil immediately responded with the fan-favorite fourth wall-breaking Deadpool.

She-Hulk star wants Titania to meet Deadpool in MCU

Deadpool 3
With Kevin Feige teasing a big crossover event for Deadpool 3, Titania may very well cross paths with Deadpool in the future.

The interview comes from Jenna Anderson of, who was able to speak with Jamil at the She-Hulk premier.

When asked which Marvel hero Titania would annoy most, Jamil said, “I want to drive Deadpool crazy… I love Ryan Reynolds, I love Deadpool so much.”

Considering Jamil has previously claimed Titania may be “the most annoying” villain the MCU has seen up to this point, crossing paths with Deadpool may make for quite the pairing.

With Deadpool finally entering the MCU in a big way in Deadpool 3, Jamil could very well get her wish relatively soon.

Jameela Jamil in She-Hulk
Seeing Titania in a future anti-hero team within the MCU could be a great direction to go.

Jamil also talked about what her future in the MCU could look like, saying she’d love to appear in an incarnation of the anti-hero team The Thunderbolts.

“There’s so many places that Titania can exist in the MCU, because she’s so messy and vile. She’s pissed off most of the MCU…she’s got enemies everywhere.”

With She-Hulk’s premier right around the corner, fans won’t have to wait much longer to see just what Jamil’s take on Titania has in store for the MCU as a whole.