Rick and Morty fans divided over “disturbing” Season 7 episode

Daisy Phillipson
Still from Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 4Adult Swim

The debate is on amid the recently released Season 7 Episode 4 of Rick and Morty – while some fans loved it and called it a series best, others found it too disturbing. And some think all of the above. 

Rick and Morty’s seventh chapter has been a bit of a mixed bag. In the post-Justin Roiland era, it seems fans aren’t too happy with the direction the show has taken, with Season 7 earning its lowest-ever audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, currently sitting at 41%. 

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That’s not to say it’s been without some highlights, with Episode 2 delivering a fighting montage that had fans hailing it a season-best. 

One of the biggest pain points has been a lack of Rick’s adventures with Morty – but this all changed with Episode 4, although not in the way people had hoped. Warning: Spoilers ahead and some may find this content distressing. 

What is Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 4 about?

Season 7 Episode 4, titled ‘That’s Amorte’, aired last night (November 5) in the US, and quite frankly it’s one of the most disturbing Rick and Morty episodes of all time. 

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The episode opens with Rick treating the Smith family to his “famous spaghetti,” but the fun times are ruined when Morty discovers that Rick’s famous dish is actually the entrails of a man who’s died by suicide. 

Still of Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 4Adult Swim

Rick takes Morty across the galaxy, explaining that there’s a planet where people who kill themselves release a high level of cortisol that turns their insides into delicious spaghetti. 

When the president of the economically challenged planet realizes what they’ve been doing, she turns it into a suicide farm, urging residents to end their own lives so they can export their tins of suicide spaghetti. 

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Morty feels guilty, leading Rick to come up with a solution – he creates a series of headless, legless clones, giving them one arm and a screwdriver so they can automatically kill themselves. 

They’re set up on a conveyor in a similar fashion to a factory farm, with a machine that cuts them open and collects their insides. But the new product doesn’t go down too well with activists, leading Rick to come up with a new solution.

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In a bid to show the universe the dark truth of what they’re consuming, he visits a man who’s dying and wants to end his life. Hooking him up to a euthanasia machine, Rick is also able to transmit a video from the man’s mind showing his life play out in a heartbreaking montage. 

There’s love, loss, ups, and downs, and when the tape finishes, the man dies. Rick cuts open his stomach, plates up the spaghetti, and passes it to Morty, causing him and everyone else watching to vomit. 

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Rick and Morty fans divided over “disturbing” Season 7 episode

As you can imagine, fans had some strong feelings about the episode. Taking to X/Twitter, one wrote: “I have never felt so disturbed at a single Rick & Morty episode in my life that I wish I can wipe that memory off my brain. Who f*cking came up with this idea of a plot? I forgot to pay attention to the credits when the episode just ended a minute ago.”

“When they had the suicide trigger warning at the beginning of this Rick & Morty episode, I was expecting…something else,” said another, while a third added: “I have no commentary.”

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On the other side of the fence, one viewer wrote: “That episode of #RickAndMorty was by far the darkest episode I have watched. This episode has such a deep meaning to it and it was nice to have an episode like this. This is what makes Rick and Morty great. Episodes like this that spark discussion.”

Over on Reddit, ‘That’s Amorte’ received similarly mixed reviews. “10/10. Best in a long-ass time,” said one, to which another replied: “Agreed, this seriously was so f*cked up but really reminded me of the earlier seasons with how the narrative went.”

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“Well that was… f*cking depressing,” said a third, with a fourth replying: “Agreed. I thought it was just gonna be a dark episode, but then it turned depressing too. A one two punch combo, they really wanted to get us with this episode.”

Rick and Morty Season 7 Episodes 1-4 are out now, and you can read more about the show below: 

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