One Piece: The final war was foreshadowed in the Marineford Arc

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An image of Whitebeard Pirates in Marineford Arc of One Piece

One Piece’s Marineford Arc marks the end of an era and the beginning of the new one. Among the countless incidents that took place during the war, the most significant one is still Whitebeard’s speech. Here’s how Oda Eiichiro foreshadowed the final war in the Marineford Arc.

The most intriguing characteristic of One Piece is how Oda drops several hints throughout the course of the story. These hints are usually related to a future event or someone’s secret that will be later revealed in the series. 

These lingering questions become one of the series’ greatest strengths as it keeps fans hooked to the story. For a long time now, there have been countless theories regarding the final war that will take place in the “Final Saga.” 

But what really is the war, and how impactful will it be to the story? No one knows the details, but one thing for sure is that Whitebeard’s final words will come true. It will change the world in ways no one would have imagined. 

What does Whitebeard say about the final war in Marineford Arc?

An image of Whitebeard dying after foreshadowing the final war in Marineford Arc

The Marines did everything they could to kill Ace, who is the Second Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. As Roger’s only son, Ace’s mere existence was intolerable to the Marines, including Sengoku, who is known to be a benevolent person. 

Moments before his death, Whitebeard says that just like many carry on Roger’s will, someone will inherit Ace’s will as well. He also says that someday, a person who will carry the history of all those decades on his back will step forward to challenge the world to a fight. 

Whitebeard then directly says that the entire World Government fears an impending war. That war will engulf the world as soon as the legendary treasure is found. He then takes his last breath, declaring to the world that the One Piece is real. Whitebeard dies, standing up, making the entire world ponder over his words. 

One Piece drops several hints about the final war since the Marineford Arc

An image of the Straw Hat grand fleet in One Piece

The Revolutionary Army’s mere existence suggests that something major is about to happen by the end of the series. They are openly against the World Government and wish to end their tyranny. However, blood has to be shed for such a revolution to take place. Therefore, the final war is unavoidable, which will liberate the world.

Another major hint is Luffy’s massive fleet. By the end of the “Dressrosa Saga,” 5600 people led by seven warriors from all around swore their allegiance to Luffy. The narrator declares that they will lend their strength to Luffy. And one day in the future, these people will play a significant role in a great incident of historic proportions. 

Having 5600 people on the protagonist’s side is as good as having an army. And with so many people in one place, the series gives a direct hint that the “great incident” is nothing other than the final war. In the ongoing Final Saga, the Revolutionary Army has been made aware of the mysterious ruler that sits on the Empty Throne. They are bound to take drastic measures once the preparations are done.

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