One Piece: Every definitive death in order

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Spoiler alert! Some big names in One Piece are included in this list as we round up every significant death in the series.

One Piece rarely kills off characters in the long-running anime. Even series creator Eiichiro Oda has gone on record admitting that he dislikes it when characters die and tries to write around it as much as possible. Instead, they often opt for the “Team Rocket is blasting off again!” type of ending for most villains, evoking the resentment of fans who like definitive endings for characters.

Unfortunately for the author, sometimes characters need to die for the story to develop – so today we’re looking at every single One Piece character death that truly impacts the story or possibly will have an effect in future manga chapters. Fair warning: spoilers ahead for the entirety of One Piece!

All confirmed main character deaths in One Piece

We’re not splitting hairs with speculation here: every character mentioned here is stone-cold dead and never coming back. We can’t include every side character so we’re focusing on the main story characters featured in One Piece that have bitten the dust.

Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger, often referred to by his bounty title “Gold Roger,” achieved what no one else could or has since: sailing the entire Grand Line and reaching that final uncharted island. Roger may have done it all, but after receiving a terminal diagnosis, refusing to let that kill him, he gives himself up to the Marines after saying a teary goodbye to all his loved ones.

Seconds before his execution, Roger makes a declaration that kicks off the great pirate era: all of his treasure is up for grabs, and the wealth, fame, and power that comes with it. The “One Piece” is somewhere out there on the high seas, and this reinvigorates a massive pirate movement driving those seeking romantic adventure to the sea, including our very own Straw Hat Luffy.

Portgas D. Ace

One Piece Ace Death in Summit War Saga

Poor Ace lived a tough life as a child before meeting his brother, outcasted by all who knew his father, Gol D. Roger, the pirate king, though raised by his Marine rival Garp as a self-imposed grandfather. Ace felt no regrets as he passed, only saying thank you to his brother and adoptive family for making him happy to live again.

Eiichiro Oda admits he wrote Ace with the end goal of him dying but also wishes he included him in the story more. Thankfully, the One Piece anime features some filler episodes during the Arabasta arc featuring Ace briefly joining Luffy’s crew as they travel across the desert region, giving them more time together.

Whitebeard (Edward Newgate)

An image of Whitebeard dying after foreshadowing the final war in Marineford Arc

The proud and beardless, the oddly named Whitebeard was renowned as the strongest man in the world after the death of Gold Roger. Whitebeard was considered strange for his approach to his crew, referring to them all as his sons and considering everyone his family. This led to a massive crew of multiple factions who were as tight-knit as you could imagine.

During the Marineford arc, Whitebeard and his crew made their stand as they tried to rescue his adoptive son Ace. Though they failed to save Ace, Whitebeard made his wrath known, almost destroying Marineford. At the hands of Blackbeard’s crew, Whitebeard died standing without a single injury being inflicted on his back, showing no signs of retreating as those he loved were behind him.


Monet appears as one of Ceaser Clown’s assistants, but secretly, she works for Doflamingo to ensure that the insane scientist stays in line. When Trafalgar Law appears on the island, Caesar asks for his heart in exchange for Monet’s so that neither will try anything to betray the other. Law’s powers are also how she receives bird limbs, resembling a harpy, while she also possesses a snow ability Devil Fruit.

After encountering the Straw Hats, Monet falls at Zoro’s blade but not fatally, leaving her in a horrified state, and Tashigi takes her out. Barely alive, Monet calls Doflamingo, apologizing for her failure and saying that she plans to set off a weapon to destroy Punk Hazard. At the same time, Ceasar mixes up whose heart he possesses and stabs Monets, killing her, thinking he’ll kill Law.


Having been a part of the group since he was 10, the Marine Vice Admiral secretly works undercover for Doflamingo, giving him intel on the Marine’s movements and any precious need-to-know-about information that may affect their operations with Kaidou. When he attacks Law and Smoker in Punk Hazard, it doesn’t seem like anything can stop the traitor.

Vergo underestimates Trafalgar Law, often relying on his removed heart as insurance during the battle, and is left for dead in pieces as Monet attempts to unleash a weapon that only Caesar will survive. The area where Law leaves Vergo in Punk Hazard then explodes, with Doflamingo later confirming his death when he arrives on the island looking for his allies.


On Zou, we meet Pedro, a jaguar mink and the leader of the Nox Pirates, a group dedicated to finding the Ponyglyphs, strange engravings of vital information the World Government wants to be kept secret. Pedro is a respectful man who has no qualms about helping Luffy save Sanji from Big Mom after he’s taken for a forced wedding.

With his first encounter with Big Mom costing him his left eye, Pedro knows not to get on her bad side. So when they clash, Pedro makes the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the Straw Hats escape from Whole Cake Island, evade the wrath of Big Mom’s forces, and hopes the crew will help lead the world to a new era known as the “Dawn of the World” a mysterious era we know little about but increasingly gets mentioned as the series continues.

Shimotsuki Yasuie

The seemingly happy-go-lucky Yasuie has a dark story behind him, permanently smiling due to having no choice but to eat a SMILE, an artificial Devil Fruit made by Doflamingo, with his adopted daughter, or succumb to starvation. Yasuie lives with the guilt of being the only survivor of those who opposed Orochi after he killed Oden.

When the Red Scabbard’s plan in Wano is seemingly leaked, Yasuie claims responsibility, saying it’s all a prank; nevertheless, Orochi uses this as an opportunity to execute the troublemaker and lone survivor. Though he dies, he allows the plan in Wano to continue; his sacrifce is honored by the people of Wano after Kaidou is defeated.

Ashura Doji

Long ago, in Kuri, one of the most dangerous regions of Wano, Ashura reveled in his criminal lifestyle, doing whatever he wanted at anyone’s expense. When Oden announced that he was coming to rebuild the region to a respectful standard, Ashura loved the idea of the Shogun’s son challenging him. After losing to Oden, Ashura swore loyalty to him and became one of his retainers, a member of the Red Scabbards.

Ashura sacrifices himself after the Red Scabbards paused when “Oden” somehow appears during the raid of Onigashima, Ashura being the only one to take action, knowing immediately that this wasn’t Oden but an imposter Kanjuro conjured up and as “Oden” reveals explosives Ashura tackles and leaps out of the room. Though he saved the remaining Scabbards, the explosion resulted in his death.

Kurozumi Kanjuro

Kanjuro is an odd fellow that very few took seriously due to his appearance and almost gag-like Devil Fruit ability of being able to make anything he draws come to life, but he draws exceptionally poorly. Introduced during the approach to Dressrosa, we all became invested in Kin’emon’s quest to finally find his friend, only for Kanjuro to be revealed as a massive traitor that jeopardizes their plans to save Wano.

Possibly the most infamous traitor in all of One Piece met his end at the hands of the one who considered him his closest ally: Kin’emon. But Kanjuro did not go quietly. In his final act, using his abilities, he created a ginormous fire monster called “Kazenbo,” burning everything in its path, including his former master, after it becomes fatally wounded during the fight between Big Mom and Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kidd.

Kurozumi Orochi

Orochi twisted his way into the circles of the Wano elite during his youth until he wormed his way to the seat of Shogun, a false title as he worked with Kaidou to attain it. His extremely paranoid nature, justified by the fact that he knew the Red Scabbards and Momonosuke survived the attack waged by him and Kaidou, resulted in further suffering under his oppressive rule in the land of Wano.

The evil sit-in emperor of Wano caused all sorts of havoc working under Kaidou and managed to avoid turning him into an eight-headed snake, allowing him to survive beheading until all heads were cut off. Orochi met a firey end when Kanjuro’s dying Kazenbo set him alight, and his final head was cut off by Denjiro, his former bodyguard who worked to usurp the villain.


Prior to the Wano arc, we only knew Izou as one of the Whitebeard pirates who tried to rescue Ace during the Marineford arc. Izou ended up tagging along with Oden when he tried to stop him from leaving with the Whitebeard pirates and decided to stay with the crew when Oden left to join the Roger pirates on their final journey.

The former Whitebeard crew member was killed after he tried to put himself between the secretive CP0 and their target, Luffy. Refusing to let the assassins pass, Izou, though severely injured and outmatched, tries his hardest to slow down the killers before they reach Luffy. Halting CP0 may have cost Izou his life, but he brought Luffy some time. Wano certainly took a lot of lives didn’t it?


The perverted lion-man comes into One Piece chasing Nami’s affections during the Thriller Bark arc, boasting the Devil Fruit ability to turn completely invisible. Since the time skip, Absalom has used his abilities to become a freelance writer and grab scoops for news outlets. Unfortunately, this gets him caught up with one of the most evil men on the sea.

We learn of Absalom’s death after Moria goes looking for his loyal subordinate. Though this side-character’s death may not seem important, it’s the catalyst for how we learn that Blackbeard can somehow steal Devil Fruit’s abilities and transfer them to other users, most likely at the cost of their lives.

Donquixote Mjosgard

You may remember this Celestial Dragon from his encounter with Queen Otohime after he crashes on Fish-Man Island trying to retrieve his former slaves; being the sole survivor, he demands help, and Otohime respectfully helps the awful man in exchange for being taken to the World Government to plead their case for equality.

Years later, at the Levely, we see a changed man; Otohime clearly got through to him, who is in support of change in the Celestial Dragons, opposing their racist views and going as far as beating down the same Noble whom Luffy satisfyingly slugged on Saboady Archipelago, in defense of his Fish-Man allies. Unfortunately, this idealism resulted in him receiving a death sentence from the God’s Knights, the law enforcers of Mary Geoise, the homeland of the Celestial Dragons.


Pythagoras is one of Dr. Vegapunk’s satellites; the scientist is so intelligent he needs to separate his mind from his body to keep working. Pythagoras represents the “wisdom” part of Vegapunk’s personality; his primary role is to record data of all inventions and tests. He tries his best to avoid confrontation, often opting to negotiate over resorting to violence.

The timid Pythagoras tries his best to help the Straw Hats until the Seraphim clone of Boa Hancock, S-Snake, appears on the scene in Egghead Island and makes short work of the situation, petrifying the crew with Hancock’s powers and crushing Pythagoras’ head, destroying him.


Apart from resembling a member of Daft Punk, Shaka is another of Dr Vegapunk’s satellites, representing the “good” part of his personality. Shaka’s role is leading the other satellites and analysis, as he is seen as an excellent judge of other people’s character, trusting the Straw Hats after learning their intentions on Egghead Island.

Shaka is also one of the more mysterious satellites, contacting Luffy’s father, Revolutionary Army leader Dragon, with the assumption that he’s about to be killed. Shaka’s analysis turns out correct as fellow satellite York kills him. Shaka’s death comes as a shock, not just because of who kills him but also because of the brutality. We’ve never seen a character be straight-up shot in the face like this before.

Nefertari Cobra

An image of King Cobra and Princess Vivi from One Piece

We meet King Cobra in Arabasta as the Straw Hat crew help Princess Vivi save her kingdom from Baroque Works and their leader Crocodile. Cobra is a kind leader who puts his people first but his encounters with Crocodile must have caught up with him as he now appears as a sickly older man bound to a wheelchair after only two years.

This is possibly the most significant death in One Piece history (next to Ace’s), considering how much it affects the story: Cobra sacrifices himself to allow Sabo to escape Mary Geoise during the Revolutionary Army incident at the Levely. Imu questions Cobra, revealing an immense hatred against those with “D” in their name calling them their ancient enemy, Cobra answers Imu that his ancestor “Nefertari D. Lili” had such an initial and Imu and the Five Elders killed the kind king.

Dr. Vegapunk

One Piece Vegapunk

The smartest man in the world, Dr. Vegapunk, was an optimistic scientist who hoped his creations would be used for the betterment of humanity. However, his good intentions were regularly undermined, as the Marines often used his inventions as weapons of destruction to keep any well-meaning pirates in line.

During the escape from Egghead Island with the Straw Hat crew, Vegapunk suffered a fatal wound from his old friend, Admiral Kizaru. However, Upon his main body’s death, a message would play, revealing information kept secret by the World Government to the entire world.

Vegapunk’s track record of splitting his mind and personality among his satellite robot bodies puts his definitive death into question. Still, the main body we know as Vegapunk or the “Stella” by the satellites is confirmed to have died due to a heart rate monitor flatlining, triggering the message broadcast.

One Piece deaths in character backstories

These are character deaths from the past, prior to Luffy setting sail, that dearly affected our present-day heroes, setting the wheels in motion that often result in the current status quo that Luffy and friends need to break.

Shimotsuki Kuina

An image of Zoro and Kuina fighting in One Piece

Zoro wasn’t always the sharpest sword in the sheath, as Kuina could best him at every attempt in their youth. Whether during training or with a real sword, our favorite moss-head could never measure up against the powerhouse of sword technique that Kuina displayed. After schooling Zoro for the umpteenth time, Kuina sadly admits she believes that the strength of men will eventually outshine her because she is a woman, a concern impressed upon her by her father.

Zoro doesn’t stand for such nonsense and demands that Kuina promise him one of them will become the world’s greatest swordsman. Kuina untimely met her end after fatally falling down the stairs, whether on purpose or not, is up for interpretation. A young Zoro takes up Kuina’s sword and promises her that he’ll fulfill their dream of becoming the best.


It’s clear that Usopp inherited his nose from his mother, a kind, caring woman named Banchina. Usopp’s father, Yasopp, left the family to join Shanks’ crew while his son was still young, fulfilling his dream of being a pirate and later admitting he couldn’t do much for his family. We don’t see much of Banchina as she passed away due to an illness with her son at her side, but we know she loved Yasopp and waited for him to come home someday, inspiring Usopp’s dream of becoming a great warrior of the sea.

Until her death, Usopp attempted to make his mother feel better by lying about pirates arriving on the island and maybe that Yasopp had returned. Since her passing, Usopp kept telling the same lie to give his sleepy town of Syurp Village some daily excitement. This also suggests why Usopp made such an effort when it came to befriending the bedridden Kaya.


The former marine found two children in the aftermath of a brutal battle and raised them, Nami and Nojko, a pair of troublemakers in Cocoyashi village. While they weren’t wealthy, the family was still happy living within their means until Nami, wanting more, took up stealing. The family fights, briefly breaking up after Nami declares they aren’t family because they’re not blood relatives.

When the brutal Arlong came to the East Blue, declaring his rule over their island, Bell-mère did not have enough money to allow her whole family to survive. Refusing to accept that her daughters aren’t family, Bell-mère uses what money she has to enable them to live at the cost of her life. Nami and Nojiko can both live with the solace of knowing that in her last moments, she honestly thought of Bell-mère as her mother and them her daughters.

Dr Hiriluk

One piece

When Chopper ate a Devil Fruit that would turn him more human, not even his own kind wanted anything to do with him, so in comes the self-proclaimed doctor, Hiriluk, who takes in the young reindeer as if he were his own son, teaching Chopper the ways of medicine as the king of their island Wapol has restricted all doctors from helping anyone but himself.

Hiriluk went out on his own terms, drinking a concoction that made him explode, instead of letting himself fall to illness, let Wapol’s men kill him, or letting the poison mushroom that Chopper accidentally gave him in hopes of him recovering take his life. Chopper takes his message of wanting to help people to heart and declares that he’ll become the world’s best doctor in memory of his mentor.

Shipwright Tom

Tom, a Fish-Man living in Water 7, made his living as one of the best shipwrights around and took pride in his work. Unfortunately, the Marines came and arrested Tom after it was discovered that he had made Gol D. Roger’s ship. A death sentence was all but certain until he convinced the judge with his plans of the mighty sea train to save Water 7 and the surrounding islands from poverty due to the poor conditions and piracy making sailing between islands difficult, in exchange for a pardon.

Cutty Flam and Iceburg’s mentor sacrificed himself after a young Spandam came sniffing around for the plans for the ancient warship Pluton Tom possessed. Angered by Tom’s resistance, Spandam attacked the World Government ships when they came to pardon Tom, framing Cutty Flam. Tom took full responsibility and was sentenced to execution in Enies Lobby, reassuring his apprentices to keep building ships and take pride in doing it.

Portgas D. Rouge

Sometime after Roger left his crew, he fell in love with a woman called Rouge, and they had a child together. Roger knows he wouldn’t survive even close to long enough to see his child be born, so he leaves Rouge with the name “Ace.” The Marines knew Roger had a relationship with a woman in their town prior to his death, leading to Rouge having to carry Ace for much longer, hiding her pregnancy for 20 months.

Rouge does not survive childbirth as she gives Ace up to his adoptive grandfather and Roger’s rival, Monkey D. Garp. Rouge’s legacy and her freckles live on through Ace as he takes his mother’s last name to distance himself further from his father and show appreciation for his mother for saving him.

Nico Olvia

Like her daughter, Nico Robin’s mother Olivia was an archaeologist who took to the sea to study the Poneglyph and an infamous time in history known as the “Void Century” that’s forbidden to research under penalty of death. She is captured by the Marines but is helped to escape by Jaguar D. Saul, a giant Vice Admiral who abandoned his post after listening to Olvia’s plight.

When the Marines arrived at Ohara, they declared the island an enemy of the world and destroyed the entire island, Olvia included. Saul is captured, and only Robin manages to escape because of Aokiji’s mercy, leading to a life on the run.

Queen Otohime

Queen Otohime was an idealist who believed that Fish-Men could live alongside Humans on the surface as equals. She was so sure of this that she would hold rallies, annoying the populace to no end, who continually showed concern about living amongst humans due to the Celestial Dragons’ enslavement of Fish-Men and Mer-Folk.

She made significant progress following her venture with Donquixote Mjosgard, going as far as getting a recommendation by the World Government allowing Fish-Men to live among Humans on the surface if they so choose. Unfortunately, Otohime’s ideals resulted in her being assassinated by Hody Jones, an extremist Fish-Man who was raised to despise humans. Hody is Otohime’s worst fear incarnate; hatred purposefully passed down to the next generation.

Fisher Tiger

Fisher Tiger was the captain of the Sun pirates who led a Fish-Man crew consisting of recognized characters and formerly enslaved people whose Celestial Dragon brand was covered by his own to signify their freedom. Before forming the crew, Tiger led a rampage on Mary Geoise, freeing Fish-Men and humans alike, including Boa Hancock and her sisters.

After taking on the mission of bringing young future revolutionary Koala home, Tiger was ambushed by the Marines and fatally wounded. He refuses a transfusion of Human blood that could save his life, admitting that he secretly despises Humans due to them enslaving him. Tigers’ last wish to his crew never to reveal the truth of his death in a final attempt to reduce hatred between the two races.

Donquixote Rosinante aka Corazon

one piece

The younger brother of Doflamingo joined the Marines, while his brother became a deadly pirate; Rosinate rose to the role of Commander after his family was hunted down for being former Celestial Dragons. Rosinante, under the codename “Corazon,” went undercover, joining Doflamingo’s organization, claiming to be his long-time missing brother, which is actually true, reporting all of the group’s doings to the Marines.

When Corazon heard Trafalgar D. Water Law’s full name, his mission became to help the boy recover from his Amber Lead Syndrome and get away from Doflamingo. Having no luck with doctors, the pair resort to hunting down the same Op-Op Devil Fruit, meaning “operation” Doflamingo is after. Corazon is injured while stealing the fruit, force feeds it to Law, and Doflamingo brutally kills his own brother when he refuses to give up Law.

Vinsmoke Sora

During the Whole Cake Island Arc we finally get more details of Sanji’s backstory. While his mother, Sora, was pregnant with quadruplets, Sanji’s father, Vinsmoke Judge, forced his wife to have surgery so that their sons would become stronger but not lose any sense of emotion.

While their father didn’t care about their humanity, Sora took an experimental drug to counter the effects of the surgery. Sanji was the only one who affected and maintained his humanity. The drug lead to Sora being bedridden and her death several years later but all the while happy Sanji could feel something.

Kozuki Oden

An image of Kozuki Oden before his execution

Oden was an extremely carefree man who did not care for his royal heritage and responsibilities. Being more of a thrill seeker, he would often get in fights and dreamed of leaving Wano to explore the world. Though he still cared for his home enough to want to improve it, he rebuilt a lousy part of Wano into his small village with his followers.

During his five-year adventure with Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger, Oden married and had a child, Momonosuke. He matures into an honest man and sets himself a goal to become Shogun and open Wano’s borders. Little did he know the slimy Orochi came up with a scheme working alongside Kaidou to overthrow Wano, resulting in an emotional scene of Oden sacrificing himself to save his retainers as he declares Wano’s saviors will come someday.


After surviving the incident at God Valley with Ivankov and the newly acquainted Kuma, Ginny started a peaceful life with Kuma. Eventually, all three joined Luffy’s father, Dragon, as members of the Revolutionary Army. Sometime later, Ginny was captured by the Marines and was married off to a World Noble and, at some point, became pregnant.

Ginny was eventually thrown out of Mary Geoise under the impression she’d die anyway after the failed experiments of Five Elders member Saint Saturn, where she developed Sapphire Scale disease, a condition where natural light is deadly to the victim. Ginny risks it all by returning home on a ship, but she eventually passes due to her disease; but succeeds in saving her baby, and Kuma raises her child, “Bonney.”

Rocks D. Xebec

Rocks was an apparent menace on the high seas with his crew before Roger rose to fame. The Rocks Pirates consisted of some of the biggest names ever to sail the Grand Line, including a young Whitebeard, Big Mom, Kaidou, Gloriosa of Amazon Lily, and Shiki the Golden Lion, just to name a few in this vicious lineup.

The crew was present for the God Island incident, and following this, it took the combined force of Roger and Garp to take the Rocks Pirates down, and the ensuing fight caused the pirate crew to split up. Though we don’t know precisely how Rocks died, we know the World Government is trying to cover up as much as they can about Rocks’ existence. So we’ll have to see how his story affects the modern-day world of One Piece.

Those are the most notable deaths in One Piece; undoubtedly, this list will grow longer as the series continues. In the meantime, check out the most emotional moments in One Piece, our picks for the best fights in One Piece, and our rankings of the strongest characters in the series.

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