Obsession cast: All actors & characters in the Netflix series

The cast and characters in Netflix's ObsessionNetflix

Here’s your guide to the full cast and characters in Obsession, the new erotic thriller on Netflix adapted by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm.

The four-part limited series has already become viewers’ next Netflix obsession. Adapted from Josephine Hart’s novella Damage, the story centers on a dangerous love triangle between Anna, her fiancé Jay, and his father William.

As per the synopsis, “Whilst Anna fights to sustain both relationships, William is drawn into an obsessive spiral. But how long can they keep their secret hidden before someone gets hurt?”

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Elaborating on the erotic side of the series, Malcolm explained: “Anna and William are, basically, exploring a BDSM relationship, which is all about consent and the submissive partner, in this case Anna, being the partner who’s actually in control. 

“She’s very insistent about the rules, which is actually extremely empowering for her. The problem is that, because of William’s obsession, he starts to break them.”


Obsession cast and characters

Below, you’ll find a rundown of the main cast and characters in Netflix’s Obsession, described as a “thrilling and seductive four-part limited series about erotic obsession and forbidden desire.”

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Charlie Murphy: Anna Barton

netflix obsessionNetflix

Charlie Murphy plays Anna Barton, the female lead in Obsession, and a woman who is at the top of the love triangle. 

In a press release, her character bio reads: “Anna is busy balancing her government job and her social affairs – like her relationship to her boyfriend, Jay, who’s close to proposing. But Anna has a lot of secrets and a mysterious past that are forced to the surface as her affair with Jay’s father intensifies.”

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Murphy is best known for her roles in Happy Valley and Peaky Blinders, and she also appeared in the series Halo. 

Richard Armitage: William Farrow

netflix obsession richard armitage william farrowNetflix

Richard Armitage plays William Farrow, a man who puts his “seemingly perfect life” on the line in order to pursue a steamy sexual affair with his son’s partner Anna. 

As per his character bio: “He’s an incredible surgeon who’s at an all-time career high, and he’s close with his wife Ingrid and his grown children Jay and Sally. But after meeting his son’s girlfriend Anna, the two begin a dangerous affair – and he risks everything to get closer to her.”

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Many of you will recognise Armitage for his role as Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit movie trilogy. 

Rish Shah: Jay Farrow

netflix obsession rish shah jay farrowNetflix

Rish Shah plays Jay Farrow, Anna’s “super smitten” boyfriend who is “excited to finally introduce her to his family.”

As per his character bio, Jay “also desperately seeks the approval of his father – both professionally and personally. But in time, he suspects something is very wrong and becomes determined to discover Anna’s secrets.”

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Shah appeared in the Netflix teen movies Do Revenge and To All the Boys: Always and Forever. He’s also an MCU alumnus, having played Kamran in the superhero series Ms. Marvel.

Indira Varma: Ingrid Farrow

netflix obsession indira varma ingrid farrowNetflix

Indira Varma plays Ingrid Farrow, William’s wife who is devoted to her husband and their two children.

“She loves having her family around, but when she meets Anna, she can’t dismiss her gut instinct that something is off,” reads her character description. “Soon, she realizes her husband’s affections lie elsewhere.”

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Varma is best known for her portrayal of Ellaria Sand in Game of Thrones. She also appeared in the TV shows Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luther, and Rome.

Sonera Angel: Sally Farrow

Sonera Angel Sally FarrowHayley Emin

Sonera Angel plays Sally Farrow, Jay’s sibling and William’s grown-up child.

Angel has a number of acting accolades, including TV series such as Red Velvet Revolution and The Third Day. 

Marion Bailey: Elizabeth

marion baileyEntertainment One Films

Marion Bailey plays Anna’s mom Elizabeth, a woman who should have done more to protect her daughter.

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Obsession looks into the events that motivate Anna’s actions, with Murphy explaining: “She experienced trauma in her childhood and was not protected by her mother.”

As well as her turn in Netflix’s The Crown, Bailey is known for her work with her partner, filmmaker Mike Leigh, including the movies Meantime, All or Nothing, Vera Drake, and Mr. Turner.

Pippa Bennett-Warner: Peggy

pippa bennett warnerSky Atlantic

Pippa Bennett-Warner plays Peggy, Anna’s best friend – who may be a confidant, or just another person Anna and William have to hide their affair from.

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Bennett-Warner has starred in a variety of notable TV shows and movies, including Gangs of London and See How They Run. 

Anil Goutam: Edward

anil goutamBBC

Anil Goutam plays Edward, the father of arguably the show’s biggest victim in all of this: Ingrid.

Soap fans may recognize Goutam as Ranveer Gulati in EastEnders, while Star Wars fans will know the actor as Senator Teenar in Andor.

That’s everything we know about the main cast and characters in Obsession, which is now streaming on Netflix. Find out more about the show here, if there’ll be a Season 2 here, and check out our other Netflix hubs below:

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