Is Storm in The Marvels? X-Men tease explained

Kayla Harrington
Halle Berry as Storm and Monica in The Marvels

Fans are wondering if popular X-Men character Storm will make an appearance in The Marvels thanks to a new trailer.

Marvel fans are getting hyped as the studio is gearing up to release their latest film in Phase 5 — The Marvels — very soon.

The movie will follow Captain Marvel, Phonton, and Ms. Marvel as they try to untangle their powers from one another while also dealing with a new, world destroying threat.

While fans are excited to see these heroes back on screen, a new trailer has viewers wondering if they’ll see the reappearance of a fan-favorite X-Men character.

Will Storm make an appearance in The Marvels?

In the final trailer for The Marvels, there’s a brief shot that could be interpreted as Storm’s cameo.

Near the end of the trailer, Nick Fury can be heard saying: “They’re here.” We see brief flashes of the bifrost, before a shot of a character in a white body suit walking past Monica Rambeau, and there’s a screen in the background with what appears to be the X-Men logo in the bottom-right corner.

OG X-Men fans know that Storm’s original uniform was a long sleeve white body suit with a billowing cape, so Monica could be meeting Storm for the first time.

This cameo wouldn’t be that surprising as the MCU has been diving more and more into the multiverse, so characters from other franchises are bound to bleed into the universe.

Seeing the X-Men in The Marvels wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary as Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) was confirmed to be a mutant at the end of her solo series.

Plus, Marvel Studios has been teasing the X-Men joining the MCU for a while now as Professor Charles Xavier, the leader of the team, made an appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as part of the Illumanti.

And this still frame of Storm isn’t the only evidence fans have that points to a X-Men tie in as, in the film’s final teaser trailer, the letter ‘X’ in the phrase “Be There For What Comes Next” is the only letter that lingers on screen with a shot of the multiverse branches behind it, which could mean the X-Men are coming.

However, a lot of fans think the character is actually Binary, Carol Danvers’ doppelgänger. In the comics, Binary was created when she shaped photon blasts into a human-ish form, but now she lives as a separate entity.

In WandaVision, Monica received her powers by going through the Hex made by Wanda Maximoff; the Hex was made of an energy field that altered Monica on a celluar level and gave her powers such the ability to manipulate light energy or “photons.”

Because Monica has this ability, there’s a chance she could’ve created her own version of Binary, as Carol only created her doppelgänger in the comics by copying Monica’s photon power use and Monica’s Binary could be wearing her comic book-accurate white uniform, hence her appearance in the trailer.

This seems like a more plausible theory than a X-Men cameo as we see “Storm” walking past Monica in what looks to be a holding cell, so Monica could have created her own Binary to help her escape as Carol did in the comics.

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