X-Men ’97: Release date, plot, cast, & more

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X-Men ’97 will be bringing back our favorite yellow-clad mutants, so here’s everything we know about it so far.

If you ask any Marvel fan what their favorite cartoon is, chances are they’ll state X-Men: The Animated series. The series ran throughout the 1990s, and cemented the X-Men in pop culture, long before they ever had a movie adaptation.

Now, 20 years later, that cartoon is set to return. X-Men ’97 (’97 referring to the year that the original show ended) is about to fly onto our screens, much to the excitement of ’90s kids.

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So here’s everything we know about the upcoming series continuation, from its cast to its plot, trailer, and more.

Wolverine and Cyclops in X-Men '97Marvel
The X-Men are back and better than ever in 2024


X-Men ’97 release date: When is it coming out?

X-Men ’97 is set to drop on Disney+ on March 20, 2024.

The revival will be a Disney+ exclusive release, and the 10 upcoming episodes will likely release weekly.

The series was initially expect to release in Fall 2023, however numerous Marvel projects have been pushed back over the past few weeks.

Season 1 will also not be its last. A second season is already in production, as confirmed by Rogue voice actress Lenore Zann.

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X-Men ’97 trailer: Is there a trailer?

Disney dropped the first ever trailer for X-Men ’97 in the middle of February, 2024. The footage can be viewed below, which provides fans their best look yet at the revival of the beloved animated series and characters.

These visuals show that the new series isn’t deviating much from the old one animation style wise. Plus, all it really takes to get hyped for the new series is to checkout the old opening credits below:

X-Men ’97 cast: Who is working on the show?

Most of the original X-Men main voice cast is set to return. This includes:

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  • Cal Dodd as Wolverine
  • Chris Potter as Gambit
  • Cedric Smith as Professor X
  • Catherine Disher as Jean Grey
  • Adrian Hough as Nightcrawler
  • Lenore Zann as Rogue
  • George Buza as Beast
  • Alison Sealy-Smith as Storm
  • Chris Britton as Mr. Sinister

Some cast members that are not returning include Norm Spencer as Cyclops and David Hemblen as Magneto, as both actors have sadly passed away. Their characters will be recast.

New voice cast members include:

  • Jennifer Hale
  • Ray Chase
  • A.J. LoCascio
  • JP Karliak
  • Matthew Waterson
  • Anniwaa Buachie
  •  Holly Chou

Many of those who worked behind the scenes for the original show will also be returning for X-Men ’97, although the sequel series will have a new showrunner in Beau DeMayo, known for their work on Moon Knight and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

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Jake Castorena and Chase Conley will direct, and Brad Winderbaum and Charley Feldman will produce. Music will be composed by The Newton Brothers.

X-Men ’97 plot: What will happen in the show?

The official synopsis for Season 1 of X-Men ’97 reads: “Storm and Wolverine try to continue the X-Men. Magneto comes in and wants to step up for Charles Xavier. Sinister comes in to try to end the X-Men once and for all.”

X-Men ’97 will continue where X-Men: The Animated Series left off, with Professor X traveling with Shi’ar ally Lilandra into space in order to find a cure for his terminal illness. Meanwhile, a reformed Magneto will help lead the X-Men against the show’s newest main antagonist, Mr. Sinister.

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It is currently unclear if the show will be part of the MCU, as the cartoons generally seem to operate outside of the connected universe. However, we could be getting crossover episodes of our own, what with Spider-Man: Freshman Year being released around the same time on Disney+.

All five seasons of X-Men: The Animated Series are currently available to stream on Disney+

We will update this article as we learn more. For now, check out more of our TV hubs below:

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