Is Henry Cavill in House of the Dragon Season 2? Casting rumors explained

Kayla Harrington
Henry Cavill as The Witcher and the logo for House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon Season 2 is set to be a bloody spectacle with an amazing cast, and many fans believe this’ll include Henry Cavill.

Cavill is no stranger to the world of the supernatural. He led The Witcher for three seasons until his departure, so it’s not surprising many could see him as a knight in the Seven Kingdoms.

But, is this rumor true? If so, who will Cavill be playing and how would it fit into the overall story of House of the Dragon Season 2? Let’s dive on in to the rumors ahead of the premiere of the epic TV show.

Will Henry Cavill be in House of the Dragon?

No, Henry Cavill will not be in House of the Dragon.

Rumors of Cavill guest starring on the show began once it was announced he would be leaving Netflix’s The Witcher.

Because of this exit, many viewers believed he’d be stepping into the Westeros as the show’s worlds are incredibly similar. Cavill has been fan cast in two important roles.

House of the Dragon Season 2 will see Rhaenyra’s son, Jacaerys Velaryon, traveling North in search of allies, fans thought Cavill would be playing Lord Cregan Stark, the current Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North.

Cregan Stark and Jace at the Wall in House of the Dragon

However, during an interview with Josh Horowitz, Cavill dispelled these rumors. He said: “To be fair, when I was watching House of the Dragon, I was like, ‘I feel like a lot of these guys could make really good Witchers… I think it would be cool to be in Westeros, I really do. I don’t think there’s a place for me in there, though.”

The role of Cregan Stark ended up going to Tom Taylor. While not a household name like Cavill, Taylor is well known in the U.K. thanks to his main role on the series Doctor Foster.

There is still a chance Cavill could join the world of Game of Thrones at some point, as a spin-off series centering on Aegon’s conquest is currently in development. Cavill’s skills from The Witcher certainly make him a great candidate for the title role there.

Who else has been rumored?

Along with Henry Cavill, Elizabeth Olsen was also rumored to be guest starring in House of the Dragon.

While Olsen’s fantasy resume is more superhero than swords and shields, she too was fan cast for a role.

As the actress hasn’t been connected to any other Marvel projects after the Doctor Strange sequel, some viewers believed the door could be open for her to join the world of Game of Thrones.

However, Olsen was also quick to distance herself from the casting, telling Variety, “No, I haven’t seen that rumor! But I’m up to date on House of the Dragon. Also, how random. Why him [Cavill]? Why me? I can’t even think of how random that is. I don’t even know that guy, either!”

At this time, the major guest stars for Season 2 are Freddie Fox as Gwayne Hightower, Sam C. Wilson as Blood, Mark Stobbart as Cheese, Tom Taylor as Cregan Stark, and Vincent Regan as Ser Rickard Thorne.

House of the Dragon Season 2 premieres on June 16. For more Game of Thrones, check out our guide to A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms or Blood and Cheese. You can also learn more about House of the Dragon’s viewership figures compared to Game of Thrones, too.

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