Game of Thrones: Aegon’s Conquest movie & TV show in the works

Henry Cavill in fan art of Aegon I TargaryenBossLogic

After the success of House of the Dragon, one of the most epic chapters in Game of Thrones history may be adapted into a movie and TV show: Aegon’s Conquest.

Has the world forgiven Game of Thrones for its final season, a television event so disastrously unifying that it kneecapped its legacy and wiped its place in the pop culture lexicon? Maybe, just maybe.

This is thanks to House of the Dragon, HBO’s prequel series exploring the bloody, incestuous trials and tribulations of the Targaryens, set 172 years before the birth of Daenerys, the Mad Queen.

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Other spinoffs are in the works, including a Sea Snake show revolving around the early adventures of Corlys Velaryon, as well as a Jon Snow sequel series. However, fans’ demands for a specific story may be met soon.

Aegon’s Conquest spinoff in development

A prequel about Aegon I Targaryen’s conquest of Westeros is being discussed at HBO, as reported by Variety.

It’s in the early stages right now, with no writer attached – however, “the search is underway as HBO is keen to move forward and get it into development,” the outlet wrote.

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There’s also a chance there may be a movie about the conquest that leads into the series, which would be produced by HBO and Warner Bros, “though plans remain in flux at present.”

Aegon I Targaryen was not just the first Targaryen king, but the first king to ever sit on the Iron Throne and take the title of Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. He became known as “the Conqueror” as a result of his conquest across Westeros. This came after the Century of Blood, a period of chaos in Essos sparked by the destruction of the Valyrian Freehold.

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He had two wives: Visenya and Rhaenys Targaryen, both of whom were his sisters. He also had two children: Aenys and Maegor.

During House of the Dragon Season 1, the idea of Aegon’s Conquest being turned into a series or movie was acknowledged by showrunner Ryan Condal, who told “I think now we’re telling the story of this large civil war that happens when both sides have dragons, and I think it’d be fascinating to also explore a time when Targaryens are still in power but don’t have any dragons.

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“How do they then threaten their enemies and how the whole strategy of war would change? There are lots of places to go. I would certainly love to be involved.”

Obviously, there’s no casting for the project yet, but fans have made their feelings clear for a while now: they want Henry Cavill to play Aegon.

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