House of the Dragon star accidentally ‘leaks’ Season 2 storyline

Jasmine Valentine
Prince Jacaerys in House of the Dragon

Season 2 leaks have been all over social media for the last few weeks, but now a House of the Dragon star might have accidentally foiled his own plot.

Regardless of whether you’re team Green or Black, it’s an incredibly exciting time to be a House of the Dragon viewer.

That being said, leaks have been coming thick and fast on social media, from details about the highly anticipated Blood and Cheese storyline to Otto Hightower’s involvement. But now one of the cast might have accidentally revealed his own upcoming plot in House of the Dragon Season 2.

In a behind-the-scenes clip of press interviews, actor Harry Collett, who plays Prince Jacaerys Velaryon, referred to Bethany Antonia, who plays Lady Baela Targaryen, as his “wife.”

“This is my wife,” Collett joked before Antonia added, “I’m his wife.” The pair swiftly moved on, laughing about doing a TikTok dance challenge if the clip got more than 10,000 likes.

House of the Dragon fans were quick to spot the reference to marriage, though — and a few aren’t too amused by the gag.

“Did Harry just potentially leak a Season 2 plot point?” one posted on Reddit. “Why are the cast so spoilery this season? First Fabien gives details about where Criston is during B&C, then Olivia talks about a s** scene between Cole and Alicent, and now this potential spoiler?” a second responded.

“I hope this is true though; Jace and Baela deserve some happiness amidst it all.”

“Jace and Baela marriage yesss,” a third agreed.

Thanks to both the original book series and House of the Dragon Season 1, we know the betrothal isn’t fake news at all. They are originally betrothed to each other at the age of four in 118 AC, despite the pair being cousins. On top of this, neither character has had the easiest ride.

Baela spent Season 1 attending her mother’s funeral, before being beaten up by Aemond after he’s seen stealing and flying Vhagar. Jacaerys is there too, ushered into the Hall of Nine before later being presented at the marriage of Rhaenyra and Daemon at Dragonstone.

“We definitely need a beautiful Valyrian wedding scene,” one fan added, with another stating, “YESSSS I’m so hyped. I still can’t decide if it’ll be a secret marriage or not.”

Another said, “It doesn’t surprise me. After all, Jace and Baela got betrothed at the end of last season. For all intents and purposes, they are a ‘married couple’ in preparation.”

It’s yet to be confirmed if the pair will actually be married in Season 2 episodes, but thanks to Collett’s clip, it’s now something that fans are counting on. However, it was revealed to Collett that the Prince would be taking the name Jacaerys Targaryen later down the line.

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