House of the Dragon has a hidden character you probably missed

Jessica Cullen
Matthew Needham as Larys Strong in House of the Dragon

Eagle-eyed House of the Dragon fans have spotted the Master of Whisperers wandering in the background of episodes, proving him to be a very slippery snake, indeed.

For the most part, Larys Strong’s mission across House of the Dragon Season 2 has been to infiltrate the Red Keep and manipulate King Aegon II. He’s been very successful, managing to push the young king into edging out his own grandfather, Otto Hightower, as Hand.

But his greatest achievement to date is one House of the Dragon viewers have only just noticed. After spotting him hiding in the background of one Season 2 Episode 3 scene, everyone’s convinced he’s been planting himself around the place.

The first big notice came in Episode 3, during the scene in which Criston Cole prepares to head out with his army. While exchanging an awkward goodbye with Alicent, Larys is hanging around by the stairs – staying distant, but close enough to overhear.

Larys Strong in the background of House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 3

“Everybody has eyes on them. Did you notice Larys?” pointed out one Reddit user. Others quickly jumped onto the thread, with most expressing their surprise at not having noticed him, and some declaring they’d seen him hidden elsewhere, too.

“This motherf**ker is always lurking and I am in equal parts terrified and intrigued,” said one comment. “WHAT DO YOU WANT?? (Beside QueenFeet).”

Now, they’re finding him in other places, too. “I also think I saw Larys in the brothel when Aegon walked in as well,” said one user.

Another proposed: “New drinking game. Take a shot every time you spot Larys in background.”

“I could’ve sworn I saw him in the background of like three scenes this week,” said another. “It makes me want to rewatch the whole season and see if I was imagining it or if I’ve missed him lurking anywhere else!”

One wrote: “He’s a human Easter egg!”

“There’s a great scene in Season 1 where Larys is sitting quietly with all the women gossiping – I can imagine he’s been doing this for years as he can’t engage in a lot of the usual physical activities you’d expect of a noble son,” noted one user. “You can see him listening and learning. Very dangerous spider indeed.”

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