Game of Thrones: 10 best dragons ranked

Leon Miller
Two dragons in Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones franchise boasts some of the fantasy genre’s most awe-inspiring dragons. But which of these scaly firebreathers are the best of the best?

HBO’s original Game of Thrones series only featured three dragons, although this was more than enough to keep fans happy during its eight-season run.

Prequel series House of the Dragon has since lived up to its name by introducing another eight winged beasties (with several more on the way in Season 2).

All these dragons have their positives, but some soar higher than others – not just in terms of power, but characterization, as well. So, here are our ranked picks for the 10 best dragons in the franchise.

10. Arrax

Arrax in House of the Dragon

Poor Arrax never really gets the chance to shine in House of the Dragon Season 1. He’s easily outmatched by the much bigger, much older Vhagar. Heck, Arrax’s lack of discipline is what causes the mismatched aerial dust-up in the first place!

Still, he seems like a faithful steed to Lucerys Velaryon from what we see on screen. What’s more, Arrax unwittingly kicks off the civil war known as the “Dance of the Dragons.” So, without him, House of the Dragons’ second season couldn’t exist – and that’s gotta count for something.

9. Seasmoke

Seasmoke in House of the Dragon

Seasmoke is – along with Sunfyre, Dreamfyre, and Vermax – one of House of the Dragon’s most under-utilized dragons. But what gives him the edge over those two is that Seasmoke properly gets in on the action in Season 1, mixing it up at the War for the Stepstones.

That aside, this grey-white mount remains largely a cipher, so it’s hard to justify ranking him any higher. Author George R.R. Martin’s source novel, Fire & Blood, suggests we may get to know Seasmoke better in future seasons, but until then, he belongs firmly at the bottom of the pack.

8. Syrax

Syrax in House of the Dragon

The steed of House of the Dragon protagonist Rhaenyra Targaryen, Syrax has so far functioned more as a private jet than a fighter plane. In this, she’s done her job admirably, zipping Rhaenyra around Westeros with unparalleled grace. Rider and dragon also share a strong emotional connection, which is nice.

That said, we’re hoping to see Syrax cut loose in combat in Season 2 – especially given she’s supposedly in a similar weight class as noted scrapper Caraxes. Luckily, the second season’s apparent focus on dragon vs. dragon skirmishes means we’ll likely get our wish soon enough.

7. Rhaegal

Rhaegal in Game of Thrones

Rhaegal lacks the imposing scale of Drogon or the gimmicky goodness of late-stage Viserion. Worse, his death – harpooned following one of Dany’s less tactically sound decisions – is also markedly lamer than the demise of either of his siblings.

Rhaegal does, however, have his moments. He acquits himself especially well during the Battle of Winterfell, dishing up some serious hurt on the undead Viserion before succumbing to his own wounds. The big guy also helps facilitate Dany and Jon Snow’s “romantic” dragon ride, for what that’s worth.

6. Caraxes

Caraxes in House of the Dragon

Caraxes is imposing, quick-tempered, and deadly in battle – just like his rider, Daemon Targaryen. As such, he makes a lasting impression in House of the Dragon Season 1, despite not actually doing all that much. Indeed, Caraxes’ biggest moment – raining fire on the Stepstones – is over pretty quickly, once the Crabfeeder’s guerilla tactics render him ineffective.

But again, as with Daemon, simply having Caraxes in a scene is enough to amp up the tension involved. This is true whether he’s acting as Dragonstone’s guard dog or playing getaway car following his master’s hotheaded antics. Expect big things from this guy in Season 2.

5. Vermithor

Vermithor in House of the Dragon

If anticipation is everything, then you may as well call Vermithor “everything” too. We barely glimpse this bronze-colored beastie in House of the Dragon Season 1, however, his moody entrance sparked instant excitement. The hushed tones that accompany Vermithor’s mere name didn’t hurt his street cred, either.

Based on Fire & Blood, Vermithor should start living up to his reputation as early as Season 2. Without spoiling too much, there’s a massive sea battle coming that he should show up for. But we haven’t seen any of that just yet, so we’re comfortable sticking Vermithor at number five for now.

4. Viserion

Viserion in Game of Thrones

Like Rhaegal, Viserion is largely overshadowed by Drogon. Yet what Viserion lacks in sheer power – or even personality – he makes up for in high-concept awesomeness in Game of Thrones’ last two seasons. Here, he’s resurrected as a snow zombie by the villainous Night King, and it’s as delightful as it sounds.

In his corrupted undead form, Viserion trades his original gold-tinged hide for an icy blue aesthetic. This also carries over to his azure-hued fire breath (which should actually burn hotter, but whatever). Collectively, it’s a serious glow-up for our hero-turned-heel, and helps him stand out from the pack.

3. Meleys

Meleys in House of the Dragon

Meleys’ nickname is “The Red Queen,” and it fits: Rhaenys Targaryen’s scarlet steed is every inch a boss. She proves this late in House of the Dragon Season 1 when she quite literally crashes the coronation of Aegon II Targaryen. It’s among the best displays of a dragon’s pure physical power in the entire franchise, and rightly earned Meleys a devoted following.

Funnily enough, though, with Game of Thrones canon, Meleys is best known for her swiftness, not her brawn. While she is indeed one of the bigger dragons on the block, Meleys is nevertheless extremely quick and nimble. It’ll be fun to see this combination of strength and speed unleashed more fully in House of the Dragon Season 2.

2. Vhagar

Vhagar in House of the Dragon Season 1

House of the Dragon’s Vhagar is the biggest dragon we’ve seen to date – eclipsing even Vermithor in size. Fittingly, this female firebreather’s legend is so great that folks are still talking about her in Game of Thrones roughly a century later.

Aside from Vhagar’s formidable size and fearsome prowess in battle, she’s also a living link to Westeros’ history. When the Targaryens first conquered the continent, Vhagar was one of the three dragons they used to do it. As claims to fame go, that’s tough to top!

1. Drogon

Drogon in Game of Thrones

The biggest of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons, Drogon is – like his namesake, Khal Drogo – not to be messed with. Just ask the survivors of King’s Landing who endured his fiery onslaught in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5, ‘The Bells’ (if you can find any).

Admittedly, Drogon isn’t always the best hang. He’s known for squabbling at his siblings, Rhaegal and Viserion, and even occasionally snaps at Dany herself. Yet there’s also a softer side to his personality (he often allows his “mother” to pet him), and his fierce loyalty ensures he’s her primary battle mount.

There you have it: Game of Thrones’ 10 best dragons ranked. Check out some of our related Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon content below:

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