Godzilla Minus One sets first-ever streaming record after Netflix debut

Cameron Frew
Godzilla in Minus One

Godzilla Minus One is Netflix’s number one movie in the US, but that’s not all: it’s just achieved a world-first streaming record after its long-awaited release.

Last year, Godzilla Minus One exceeded everyone’s expectations; it became one of the best-reviewed movies of 2023, it made over $115 million worldwide, Toho extended its theatrical run and released a black-and-white version, and it became the first film in the franchise to win an Oscar.

In the months since its Academy Award victory, fans have been incredibly eager to revisit it. However, with limited options (a Prime Video and Blu-ray release exclusive to Japan), people sought out less… official means, and it became the most pirated movie in the world.

Out of nowhere, it arrived on Netflix and VOD across the world on June 1. Now, it’s set a brand-new record: it’s the first movie in history to sit at number one on Netflix and iTunes at the same time.

This is no small feat, especially when you consider the implications: if a movie is massive on Netflix, people will generally just stream it. After all, why spend more money if you’re already paying for a subscription?

But fans love Minus One so much that they’re buying digital copies in addition to its streaming release — in other words, people cannot get enough of Godzilla.

“Not even just because it’s Godzilla, but can we please appreciate this as a legitimate modern classic of our time,” one user wrote. “This movie is finally getting the praise and love it deserves. Everyone who saw it knew it was great but it wasn’t available in a lot of places and now people are witnessing peak,” a second tweeted.

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