When is the Godzilla Minus One Blu-ray out?

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If you’re like us, you’ll be dying to rewatch Godzilla Minus One at home – so, here’s what we know about its Blu-ray and 4K release.

In 1954, Godzilla was unleashed upon the world in Toho’s first movie, the launchpad for a decades-spanning, pop-culture-terraforming franchise. Next to King Kong, he’s the most iconic movie monster in all of cinema.

Legendary Pictures is still cranking the wheel on its comparably silly MonsterVerse, set to echo the spirit of the monster’s past team-ups and battles with Godzilla x Kong. However, seven years after the excellent Shin Godzilla, the kaiju’s original studio has returned with Minus One, an A-grade banger.

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With the film having blasted its atomic breath beyond box office expectations, fans are keen to know when they’ll be able to watch it at home – so, here’s what we know about a Blu-ray release.

Is there a Godzilla Minus One Blu-ray release date?

Godzilla Minus One currently doesn’t have a Blu-ray release date, but it’s expected to come out in late 2024.

A 4K steelbook design was recently shared on X/Twitter by PhysicalMedia_, but it appears to be nothing more than fan art, and there’s no listing online to pre-order it.

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The powers that be won’t be in a hurry to drop it on Blu-ray, even if it means missing the Christmas market. Not only is it on course to dethrone Shin Godzilla as Japan’s biggest entry, but it’s the highest-grossing Japanese movie in US history – and that’s just one of its box office records.

There aren’t any listings on Amazon or any other retailer for its physical media release, so we could be waiting a while to revisit it at home (if you needed an excuse to fork out for another IMAX trip, this is it).

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On Reddit, one user also speculated: “I’m not expecting it to appear on streaming or DVD/Blu-Ray until almost Christmas of next year. Toho always waits a few months after releasing the Blu-Ray in Japan to release in America (US and Japan are the same region in Blu-Ray and American discs are cheaper than Japanese ones, so Toho does this to try to minimize Japanese customers importing American copies).”

They also noted that it could be as long as six months before it gets a Blu-ray release in Japan, so it seems like the second half of 2024 could be the best bet for being able to own it.

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Godzilla Minus One is in cinemas now. You can check out our other coverage below:

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